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Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 1

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Welcome to my Journal. My name is Doug. Every month I will be posting how my coin collecting has been going. If you enjoy what you read please keep an eye out for the next one. Also feel free to follow me and click through my coins.


Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 1

Well most people want to lose weight or get rich or whatever for New Years. Me? Nope. I wanted to make a dent in my type set for 2015......Ok and get ripped but that's a different story. First two aren't for my type set but nice pickups none the less.

First was a 1957 100 Yen from Japan. I needed this one because I had sold my other one to a friend when I needed a few bucks so finally decided to buy another to complete my set once again. There is only three silver 100 yen and this is by far the best design with the Phoenix on it (ok looks like a Peacock but whatever).

Second was a 1oz Imperial Russian Seal bar from the local coin store. I had a $20 burning a hole in my pocket and it looked cool so I picked it up. Glad silver prices are down. Makes it easier to buy them here and there.

Third coin is a 1964-D Kennedy half dollar for my type set. Graded by NGC MS65. Good looking coin with some dark toning around the edge. Not sure why I haven't gotten into the Kennedy's more. It's a solid design but just hasn't peaked my interest much.

Fourth coin is a 2005-P Kennedy half dollar graded MS68 by NGC. Seventeen bucks for an MS68 half wasn't bad as far as I m concerned. Filled that hole in my type set and I don't see myself upgrading that anytime soon.

Fifth coin is a 1976-S Washington quarter graded PCGS PR69DCAM. I love bicentennial coins. I keep all of them I find from my change. No real value to those but I just like them from my childhood. This one cost a whole thirteen bucks.....not bad at all. Type set also.

Sixth coin is a 2006-D Monticello Nickel NGC MS68......ugh it's a nickel. It filled my type set hole. That's about it.


Seventh coin is a 1938-D Buffalo nickel NGC MS66. All I can say is I love higher graded Buffalo nickels. This one just has amazing detail. Took me a while to finally stop staring at it. This filled the Buffalo spot and won't be going anywhere. After MS 66 the prices get to the mid to high $100's and I'm not that much in love with them to drop that kind of money. Day after I received this coin in the mail it was shipped out for photos. They came out awesome.

Eighth coin is a 1857 Seated Liberty quarter NGC VF25. This coin is just plain nice. Probably one of my favorite designs in coinage history. I ran into this one on Ebay as a BIN for $40 shipped. Had to jump on that. It is currently the background of my work computer and Iphone screen. Took me a few days to finally stash this away with the rest of my type set coins.


Has it been an awesome month for a BrokeCoinCollector......YES! Will they all be this grand? Probably not. Sadly at work we had layoffs and I lost half my team mates. Not sure what this will mean for the rest of the years coin collecting but I still have a job and they are making us work overtime still. Hopefully I keep my job and the overtime stays. Only time will tell.

Side note......I m officially on page 2 for the type sets.....WOOOOHOOOO page 1 here I come.




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Nice coins and a nice write up.


Look forward to future posts. It is easy to sense that you enjoy what you collect, and I have been told that's what it is all about. :grin:



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Who is doing your photography? I like. :banana:


Thanks guys. I do love collecting coins and currency. Best part is looking up the history once I own something.


lol those are all my photos taken with the Iphone 6 plus. Minus the 1938-D that was done by a member on here Brg5658. I wouldnt call my photos awesome but they get the job done. Like the 1857 quarter in the seller photos almost looked AU with all the light shining off it. That photo is spot on what the coin looks like in hand.

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Nice coins BCC. I haven't seen the others, but that Buff you sent me is a looker in hand!


Here are some eye candy bigger images for the masses. :)




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