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Collector Society Awards 2014

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I would like to make every one aware that the 2014 Collector society coin awards are compromised....I was the 1st. place in the 2010 ATB SP 5oz. coin category . And then NGC disqualified 2 of there own graded coins. The Hot springs light finish and the Yellowstone light finish both graded by NGC. But they allowed the Grand canyon light finish to remain. That moved my collection from 1st place to 3rd. place. It is my opinion that this has compromised the fairness of the entire judging process. All these coins are NGC graded coins. This insures that there are only 8 possible contenders for 1st place. Only those with a SP 70 Grand canyon light finish can be in first place. I say FOUL.....I have the highest graded set and whoever is given first place award has not earned it. Sincerely disappointed jrcoins2210 NGC member

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Hello everyone ! My question is to Ali or if anyone else can tell me about the Collector Society Awards 2014 on how and where the awards are judged and announced on January 9, 2015 ?


1) Are the Top Ranking sets going to be awarded for NGC & PCGS or Just NGC Graded coins ?

It sounds like a silly question but I just wanted to confirm to be sure. The reason why I ask is that we can select "ALL COINS" meaning both NGC & PCGS or "NGC" to see what place we are in.

Example : I'm in 2nd Place on one of my Top Ranking sets in NGC

BUT... I'm in 3rd Place in the same category of this Top Ranking Set when I select "ALL COINS"

I am hoping to hear that the awards are only for NGC Coins is that correct ? Please let me know.


2) My next question is that where are the awards going to be held ? I was wondering if the awards might take place at the 2015 FUN SHOW in Orlando, Florida on January 9, 2015 ? Or somewhere else live ? If so could you provide me more information with the time and location please. Thanks !


3) My last question is that we all know that the cuttoff time to have all are coins in the Registry by December 3, 2014 and will be announced on January 9, 2015 but I wanted to make sure that for everyone who made it by the deadline on December 3, 2014 to upload our coins .. Are we locked in at that point ? Or could it be possible that if someone enters there coin(s) in between now and January 9, 2015 bump us up or down in the place that we are in for the Registry Awards ?


I would really appreciate a responce from Ali and others who may know the answers to my questions. Thank you Ali in advance and I wish the best of luck to all of the members !

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I'm not Ali, but I know the answers:


1. The awards are for all coins, PCGS and NGC. They don't currently separate out your sets for award purposes, although there is a button to sort that way on the Registry. Foreign sets are NGC only.


2. They used to announce the awards live at the annual NGC banquet, at the FUN show. The number of awards got to be excessive, so they don't do that anymore. They usually send out an announcement that weekend, and then mention it briefly at the banquet.


3. The cutoff is called the cutoff because its the cutoff. Any changes made after the cutoff are not considered for this year's awards.


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  • Administrator

GREEKMARINE, thank you for the question.

December 3rd at 5 p.m. EST was the deadline for changes to your NGC REGISTRY SETS for the 2014 awards. We do award certificates for the top NGC-ONLY sets as well as for "ALL COINS."


For more information, please see these links, and look under "News" and "Registry Awards":








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