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  1. I ask same questions more than a week ago . No reply at all. Crickets .......
  2. Orders placed for coins on Ebay that sold for less than $1000.00 are being canceled and re-sold. Confirmed orders , in-hand. Dose not matter. They cancel and re-sell.
  3. Thank You , thank you, thank you . With a phone call and e-mail from NGC customer service. A major mistake of mine on a crossover coin was avoided. It would have cost me thousands of dollars. NGC Rocks ......
  4. Thanks for the quick reply . cheers
  5. Has NGC graded any ATB 5oz. coins opposite the light finish ? Instead of light vapor blasting,to much vapor blasting . If so how is the finish noted on label ?
  6. NGC removed my SP 70 light finish 5 0z. Hot springs and my SP 68 light finish 5 oz Yellowstone. I had the true number 1 set till someone started crying they were no longer #1 ..... A FAKE contest for sure !
  7. I also had the Light finish sp70 Hot Springs removed . Along with my Light finish Yellowstone SP68 ..... So I removed the entire set from the listings. Why bother if they will only recognize some light finish ,but not others. 1st place is now 2nd place and 2nd place is now 1st place. Sounds like the new America dose it not ?