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bag toned 1964 D Kennedy half... PICS.

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So, I have a "thing" for toned coins, and like tonerguy, I like to find them raw, and submit them. A while back, I visited a coin shop and found a 64 D Kennedy half that looked an awful lot like some bag toned Morgans I have seen... Come to find out, a guy walked in with an original mint bag of Kennedy halves that he bought back in the 60's, and he sold the entire bag to the shop. There were quite a few that had some degree of rainbow toning.. but one is a classic bag toner.


I have never ever seen "bag toning" on a Kennedy half. I had to have it, and even though the toning is a little advanced at the bottom, (and I wish it wasn't), it is still beautiful to look at as far as im concerned. The reds and greens are so rich and vibrant.


Just wanted to share. 1_zpsb21d5f53.jpg









Just thought I would share, I doubt anybody here will think its as cool as I do, but who knows.


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I think that is a great coin!!! I love that darker toning.


Simply beautiful ! And its very unique.... thats what I love most about it.


To me that is one of the best feelings in collecting... finding an outstanding raw toner and getting it in a PCGS or NGC slab. I call it making a coin or a grade. Anyone can buy slabbed toners but its a different experience to buy a $10 coin - get it slabbed and make it $100 coin. Even better -- getting a * grade from NGC.


Oh yeah - If you ever get bored of it please let me know. :luhv:

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Well, regardless of how its photographed, I cannot say with all honesty that I like the coin,


But as long as you are pleased with it.

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