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Charmy's May 2014 DENVER COIN EXPO Show Report w/lots of Pics!!!

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The Denver Coin Expo was the third of three back-to-back shows I recently attended. This show has been going on for many years, but recently was taken over by two very enthusiastic show promoters who enhanced and expanded the show.




Other than going through Denver on my way to the ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, the only other time I’d been to Denver was during the ANA National Money Show that was held in Denver a few years ago. Denver is a very beautiful city and I looked forward to seeing Denver again. Me happy to be going to Denver!




I left Orange County really early so I could arrive in time for set up on Thursday.






Once again, we flew out over the Newport Beach coast before turning and heading east.




It was only a 2-hour flight, and soon we were flying over Colorado








And descending into Denver




At the Denver airport








I arrived at the National Western Complex and noticed the bold signage they had around the building, including a huge bold banner on the other side of the building facing the freeway. The building is located in more of an industrial section outside of the city. It’s a very roomy facility but unfortunately is not within walking distance of any hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.








Set up was from 11 am through 8pm so I enjoyed having plenty of time to set up my table, and peruse other dealer’s cases.


This was the first coin I bought at the show




Gene Bruder setting up his table




Frank and Dawn of DEI (they are the Las Vegas show promoters) setting up their coins and beautiful jewelry




The ANA had on display the famous 1913 Liberty Head Nickel and the 1804 Dollar










At 5pm, the dealers were treated to very tasty bbq brisket and beer at a restaurant located inside the convention hall




After the show, I checked into my hotel and hung out with several other dealers at the hotel bar for a a drink before retiring to my room to watch some tv. Right after I climbed into bed, I got a text from Rick Snow who had just arrived at the hotel. He had asked if I would put him on my table since he wanted to walk the show for a day, so I knew he was coming to the show, but thought he was arriving the next day. So I got dressed again, and met him for a quick drink back down at the bar. THEN I headed back up to my room and, since I had been up since 4am to catch the early flight, I quickly fell right asleep!



Since the hotel was a few miles from the show, the show promoters had arranged to have a shuttle take people back and forth, but Rick had rented a car and was nice enough to cart me to the show so I didn’t have to wait for the shuttle. We arrived at the show about an hour before the public. This is the registration area.






There was a nice crowd at the show on Friday for most of the day. I sold several coins, mostly raw pieces. I also bought several nice coins for my inventory, including a couple of gorgeous proofs and a beautiful red 1898 Indian cent!










Tom/CaptHenway was the first forum member to stop by my table.




David/OldIndianNutKase and Rick




Knowing how much I love toned copper, David showed me his stunning Indian proof so I just had to get a photo of it!




During the day, we had been hearing reports that a huge snow storm would be hitting Denver late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, with some reports stating there would be blizzard conditions. I began to worry that this might cause some trouble flying out on Sunday, and not to mention that I did not bring “snow” attire, so I decided to change my flight and leave Saturday night after the show. I was also hoping to head to Black Hawk one evening to do some gambling but it had already begun to snow there.


So after the show, we decided to head into the city for dinner – here are some photos around Denver





Colorado University had their graduation commencement earlier in the day








We drove around until we found a wonderful restaurant along Mall Street, the Rialto Café. They had the best cornbread I’ve ever had. I asked what they put in it to make it so dark, and the waiter said it was a “secret family recipe”!





There was another nice crowd of people at the show on Saturday, and although I was pretty busy showing coins, I didn’t sell much. It seems Denver is more of a silver/gold town, rather than a copper town!






This is the snack bar area that sold great brisket sandwiches! (This photo was taken early before lunch.)




They also had a presentation on the history of the Denver Mint






The kids’ give-away table




One of the fantastic show promoters – Chuck Hays




And me!




Soon it was time to head back to the airport for my trek home! This is a beautiful statue of a wild horse just outside the Denver airport




And of course, I stopped to have my customary pre-flight beverage – this time, a very tasty double margarita at the Mile High Bar & Grill!






When I boarded, I discovered I had a bulkhead seat right next to the door!




As we were taxiing down the runway, I watched through the plane’s window as it began to rain as the clouds were moving in.






You could see the dark clouds moving over Denver




The beautiful Rocky Mountains!




Flying above the clouds!








Me so happy to be going home…




Back in Orange County!




Having a seat right by the door meant I got to be the first one off the plane!




And the John Wayne airport was completely empty!




Usually, my hubby picks me up at the airport, but right now he is fulfilling one of his dreams this week – he is driving a race car in the NORRA Mexican 1000 race! It’s a 1300+ mile off-road race from Ensenada to Baja/Cabo and is similar to the Baja 1000. He and his partner bought a race buggy and have spent the past year refurbishing and preparing it for this grueling race, which began today (Sunday)! They even got several people/businesses to help sponsor them – including lil ol me! (Note the small oval “The Penny Lady” sticker next to the “T-Fab” sticker on the front side panel of the car.)







Next up, the PCGS Las Vegas invitational show next week, then the Long Beach show the first week of June!



p.s. I just heard from my California dealer friends who changed their flight out of Denver from Sunday night to Sunday morning, and they said they had to wait an hour and a half while their plane was being de-iced before it could take off, and their flight was the last flight out of Denver to California because the airlines had cancelled all the other flights due to the snow! I am so thankful I changed my flight and came home last night!! :-)

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Thank you Charmy for always thinking of use when it's time to share. I was hoping the plane wasn't still in flight when you stood by the door.. .the Air Marshall might have become slightly excited!

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Thank you Charmy for always thinking of use when it's time to share. I was hoping the plane wasn't still in flight when you stood by the door.. .the Air Marshall might have become slightly excited!


lol! The first photo of the door was taken right from my seat - when seated, my foot actually touches the door. The second photo was while we were waiting to deplane.

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Rocky Mountains is such a stupid name. That's like calling something Wet Water or Hot Fires.

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Always a real pleasure to get your finely illustrated show reports, thanks, even though this one was pretty tame, with hardly any of your usual extra-curricular carousing.

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Always a real pleasure to get your finely illustrated show reports, thanks, even though this one was pretty tame, with hardly any of your usual extra-curricular carousing.


Thank you - unfortunately, I didn't have my usual carousees to go carousing with!

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if i may ask as it seems like many shows have totally different clientle; some are hit or miss; some are better because they are within many collector serious buyers ease of range etc.



which coin shows do you have the most enjoyable fun doing??


and which coin shows is the best for your bottom lines as a dealer in copper??

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Come visit us, I'll be at table #100




May 30, 31 – June 1

Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday: 10AM-6PM, Sunday 10AM-4PM


Double Tree Hotel

2050 Gateway Pl.

San Jose, CA 95110


Youth: 17 & Under FREE! Kids’ Activities

Admission: $4 ($2 off with any Advertising)

Parking: Is $4 at hotel

Hourly Prizes

Hotel Info: 1 (800) 222-8733 use special code "PCC" for discount.


Bourse: Ray Johnson

Phone: 408.598.7772

Email: info@pyramid-shows.com

Web Site: www.pyramid-shows.com


This is a classy venue and well lighted in a ballroom setting with carpeted flooring. Good places to eat and get coffee, close by shopping and fine dinning.


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Nice report as always.

Show somemore of your favoite coins that are in the display cases, if you want.

I always enjoy looking over the inventory and I do enjoy the shows.

I collect the PCGS rattlers so your 1898 Indian was very nice but maybe out of my price range.


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