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Fake Coins and Lost Heros by #

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I rarely post in Journals or chat boards.


I have sold dozens of coins and sent more PM's that have resulted in many new good friends. I try not to get involved in the heated discussions: like in a current thread concerning CAC, beans and crossovers. That thread, though everyone involved has the right to their opinions has gotten nothing short of ugly.


This journal and automatic posting on the chat board is for two very important issues. One that concerns us all and the other personal to me as i feel unnecessarily hurt with the implication that I'm unethical to say the least. Even though admittedly the PM didn't directly insult me the intent was clearly there and since they are obviously much more intelligent and articulate than myself I won't reply just to be destroyed or het again: I can learn. After all isn't one of the main points of the chat boards to teach the less knowledgeable as myself?


I'll start with a warning for all even though most are aware I feel it important to repeat with photographic examples in case even one member needs help; i.e. what this place is supposed to be about. The photos will appear at the end because I don't know how to insert them in the middle of this posting. The registry numbers are the same, the date, mint mark the same and the cases similar. I'm sure the professionals here can point out many differences I can only see the label, lettering and that the coin itself doesn't appear to be a MS-64 but I AM NOT A GRADER. Just compare the two even us novices can tell somethings not right when side by side.


I posted on the message board ATS since the coin in question was one of theirs I thought they may be of more help. The messages ALL advised not to buy the coin for various reasons but none made me feel I was doing anything inappropriate. I even called their registry customer service who tried to help in every way possible but understandably could not give out information.


I then sent a PM as follows, to the person I respect the most in numismatics. I found it less than helpful, belittling and insulting. Again, everyone has the right to freedom of speech and I'll be much more careful who I ask for advise in the future.


PM I wrote to my hero:


I'm sorry to bother you but I don't know where else to turn. I've been offered a 1879-CC S$1 MS-64 at a too good to be true price, about 60% less than FMV. The seller wants cash, has never heard of the registry and when I called PCGS all they could tell me is that it is in a registry set. Even after I explained my fears of it being stolen and not wanting it to be seized, lose my money or the possibility of being arrested. I feel you're going to tell me to walk away but isn't there anyway to check if it's hot or not? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


David, #

PM I received in response:

Hi David,

Where did you find the seller? It sounds as if the coin is probably stolen or counterfeit. Even if not, personally, I wouldn't pay only 60% of FMV for a coin - that's unfair to a legitimate seller. Other than seeing an image or the coin, I don't have any other information except: don't let greed cloud your judgement. And the fact that you're even asking about such a situation, concerns me.




I was trying NOT to buy a stolen coin. IF I had wanted to buy the coin what's wrong with giving the seller there asking price / what's unfair about that? And most upsetting why is asking a leader in our community about something I don't understand concerning to them? I'm sure that this CS member will never talk to me again even though I didn't give any clue, and never would as to who it is. Guess I learned something after all. Any and all comments in the thread or PM's would be greatly appreciated even if you totally disagree with; that's how I GROW.

Thank You,

David, #


The coin was ultimately purchased for less than asking price by a ANA, PNG member who called and offered to me!



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A concern TPGs try to downplay by saying only buy from a PNG dealer or authorized dealer of their product.


There are many types of tampered/counterfeit products

1- real coin/lower grade than slab says w/ fake slab

2- real 2 half coins in fake slab (think 1945-P FB dimes, 1932-X quarters)\

3-- fake coin / fake slab


any of the above with real slab / imserts that somehow got opened without damage


The TPG guarantee does not cover items that are not theirs


Do not buy from CraigsList from a guy who wants to meet you at an airport because he his leaving town to spend your money...

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