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High end collecting by KPARKE

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Finding that most elusive coin.


Since I have joined NGC, I have been concentrating on completing a high end Lincoln set.

So, I have been purchasing rolls of cents to have graded. All uncs of course! Some, yes the price will choke a horse!

But I have been doing okay with them.

My best so far was a roll of 1943 cents UNCS. 80.00 but managed a MS-67 and a MS-66. I also sold one for 15.00 and the guy was happy.

He bought it through the chat boards. Real nice guy. It could have been 10.00 I am not sure at this point.

I am sitting here looking at a '44 '53, and 54-d roll, can't wait to explore. So when you see them pop up in my registry set, you will know what I found.

I am not sure if I can ever get those high end ones just yet, but it could happen if I get all these rolls of cents graded and sell them, funding my... (Would you call it an obsession?)

my other problem is that I like the silver commems, and the Capped bust halves, just so many good ones out there. The Indians, and the flying eagles.

Have you seen the pics of the Baseball Hall of fame coin yet?

As a die maker, it is just all fabulous!!!! Hmm, it would be fun to buy my own equipment and make tokens !

My coolest one has a picture of a hog on the front, and a hog's butt on the back, advertising a meat packing plant here in MO.

People are blown away by the detail. I also have a Gettysburg Commem round from the '30's given to the vets that attended.

All in all, I am having a blast!


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It's cool to see somebody building a set Old School! I started collecting coins by going to the bank with my Grandma and buying rolls of pennies to get wheaties and half dollars looking for silver Kennedy's. We had a blast!


Best of luck on your journey and thanks for sharing!

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thats an expensive way to collect but I commend you for having fun roll searching and sending in the coins yourself vs just going to a auction and buying the highest graded coin!

Keep it up and show pics of your coins!

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I have a little trouble downloading pictures in to here. And I have no way to get really good pictures unless I fire up the Cannon AE 1 program. But yes, on the more expensive coins that I have empty slots for, Buying rolls and having them graded is the way I am going on them. I have a little trouble paying more than 150 for a coin.

But, will when it comes to the real old ones, like the 36-D that I just purchased.

I figure that to get a good one in a roll would be pretty slim chance.

And who know? I just may find another 1955 Double die cent. Lightning does strike twice, and I have been hit one time literally, so you never know! lol!

Hey, there is an icon for pictures! Holy cow! Sorry but I have to try this now....oh, they ask for a url. can't I just load from my computer? UGH!

So, how do all the other people load pictures in the forums with out going to place like photo bucket? I am puzzled!

Any help would be appreciated! K.

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Thank you, when I use photo bucket, it always comes up a hyper-link.

I was wondering how those people do it in the forum posts?

I use computers and all even use a cam system at work and a peps program, but this really does have me stumped. lol!

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I just wanted to say that I am planning to do the 50's, 60's, and up sending them in unless I find a deal that I cannot pass up.

I do however have a problem spending 20 on grading for a 10 dollar value coin. It just doesn't seem right. But, if I can find a good slab at less than grade price, I will go for it! lol!

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I use photobucket as well. It's easy. Once you've uploaded pictures onto the site, click on the library. Click on the photo you want to share. A box on the right side of the screen appears: "Links to Share Photos". Click on the last line "IMG". Than paste that into the reply.



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