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Recap your 2013 collection additions

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2013 was a challenging year for me, both personally and professionally. Being able to escape into our hobby was a nice distraction. I sold several of my coins that then funded new acquisitions. 5 coins were acquired, 4 of which I have pictures that accurately reflect the coins (missing is a 1837 half). Our fellow forum member Brandon was gracious to be my photographer (or formatter if pic taken by someone else) and he does such a fantastic job.


So here's my 2013 recap (post your recap too):






November (1837 half not shown):





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After a number of years of only picking up a coin here and there, I broke out this year after ridding myself (and the wife) of a few bills. My son's interest in collecting just added to the fury. Here's a list of what I added (ones with grades are certified)........


Indian Cents....



1875 Seated Liberty Quarter


Standing Liberty Quarters.....

1918S, 1919,1920,1924,1929


Bust Halves....



Walking Liberty Halves...

1937,1940MS64, 1945DMS64


Morgan Dollars....



Peace Dollars.....



Also added a few Silver Eagles. :grin:


Out of all of them I think these are my favorite additions for 2013.....






Very clean for the grade....



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Went nuts this year - too much, too fast. Some Mistakes - Some good one. I've been out of the hobby for a long (long) time. I guess I was just catching up on those lost years!

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nice buffalo catbert.


Thank you! It really is as stunning as the pics and it is a nice piece to own despite this date being readily available in high grades.

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Ahhh, the Queen that caused so much controversy over the pond. lol


Brandon I could look at your collection over and over again without tiring. Very interesting coins and medals and arguably one the best photo presentations amongst all these great photographers.


All of you had some great additions for the year. It is extremely hard to not be captivated by catberts's remarkable Buffalo Nickel.


I think the one single purchase I made this year that I am the most excited about and filled with anticipation is a 1883 'No Cents' Liberty Nickel that I think stands a excellent shot at receiving PL if it grades at all.


From what I can tell, NGC has only ever graded 1 PL and PCGS does not show any. I think I will know its fate later next year after the holidays possibly.






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2013 was a big year for my collection.


I added:

A Stella



A Pan Pac



A High Relief



A Flyer



A 16-d



and a 09-s VDB




That would pretty much do me for a couple of three decades. Awesome.

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My 5 favorites. Submitted all 5 to CAC and all stickered. Talk about being lucky!!


Jefferson nickel - 1943/2 PCGS MS64


Walking Liberty Halves:


1941-D NGC MS65+ - NGC POP 1

1944-S PCGS MS65+ - PCGS POP 37


Franklin Halves

1952 NGC PR67 - CAC POP 16 w/1 Finer

1955 NGC PR68Star - CAC POP 11 w/0 finer

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2013 was my first year in the hobbby. I purchased mainly Morgans, but I added some from other series. My biggest addition was an education. I've learned so much in just one year and know I'm not even scratching the surface. Here's are a couple of my favorite purchases of the year.


I really like this small cent!



From the Newman Collection:



Not a Gem BU, but I liked the strike a lot!



The oldest coin I own for now:



Last but not least, one of my favorite Morgans



Happy New Year everyone!


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Very nice coins everyone! :applause:


You've got a real nice collection of coins, JP, particularly for a novitiate. (thumbs u


In 2013 I found myself returning to the roots of coin collecting, mainly buying raw Washingtons and Franklins and filling in Dansco albums. Very enjoyable and quite reasonable on the wallet.


I also picked up some slabbed coins, with one of my favorites being a 1951 Franklin PCGS MS66FBL... the first upgrade for my Franklin set in quite some time.




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