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My wife and life partner of 41 years has passed away. She was my second set of eyes and best consul in coin purchases.


Diana was always enthusiastic about MY hobby and attended shows with me. She enjoyed looking at the collection with me, and after her illness, it was one of the fun activities that we still shared.


After 13 years of illness and disability, she is now with her Mom and my Dad. I will miss her in numismatics; I will miss her more in my life.


God has a new angel. I am missing my WING WOMAN!


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With my deepest sympathy -d


“I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.”

~Leo Buscaglia

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Of all the wonderful treasures in your collection, I know that none could ever match the treasure that you had of spending the past 41 years with your companion and wife. No words of condolensces would suffice at such a loss; my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I decided for some unknown reason to jump over here to NGC from CGC as I nominally do. I have always been envious that the journals over here were numerous while CGC's were somewhat stagnant from time to time. Recently I believe that CGC could give NGC a run for its money. So I decided to come over here after months of neglect and read this.


I am sorry for your loss, and for Heaven's gain. I wish to remain speechless in hopes to convey the remorse I feel, from stranger to stranger, but know that with the internet, being speechless does not necessarily convey sympathy or respect, so I shall type a few more words. I know in times past I have stopped collecting a love of an item simply because that person I associated that collection with is no longer around. I am lesser for it. I hope you never feel this, I hope you keep collecting and believe that as you do, your shining angel shines on you.


My condolences.


As I re-read your entry, I realized you have been blessed for the duration of years I have lived so far.

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As my fellow CGC collector and close friend, Tnerb, that I now consider as a brother said, I too jump over here only to see that you have sustained a loss that may succeed even mine.


I unexpectedly lost my father 12 years ago to an accident. He and I were avid comic collectors together starting in the mid 80s. Everything I am interested in and love and collect is because of him.


While losing a father is different in some ways than losing a wife of 40+ years, I can definitely identify with your loss.


I can still remember like yesterday walking into our local comic shop and perusing through the new releases together. Picking the best copies of the issues we wanted. Me pointing out the best copies. My father asking me what I thought about certain issues.


May God bless you and comfort you with your loss as He did with mine!


And as my fellow CGC collector, Tnerb said, don't let the loss keep you from continuing in the collecting that both of you enjoyed together. Different medium maybe, but same concept.


My collecting habits have only been increasedt thanks to the loss of my father. I collect for both of us, knowing that he is looking down from on high and saying, "oh yeah, that one looks good!"


May God bless you!

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Touching story and sorry to hear about your loss. I've only been with my wife for about 20 years now, but I know how big a void it would leave in my life. She doesn't share my coin collecting passion, but certainly puts up with a lot...


May God bless you as you learn to cope as a single collector.



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