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Mystery solved

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Came home today and found a notice in the mailbox that USPS tried to delivery a registered package form NGC Hot damn ! So they will try again tomorrow. I will post pics of a few of the photo proofs in the next few days. Again thanks everyone for the positive vibes and well wishes.

Now I know that sometimes as a few have stated, there is no logic to how mail is routed or tracking a package




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Hi Mike,


Glad to hear your package has made it to where it belongs. I have had mostly positive experiences with them.


The one thing that does happen...and I gues you can chaulk it up to laziness on the individual's part and not the USPS...is that they don't like coming to the door to deliver registered or signiture required packages. They just leave the notice in the gangbox. How I know this...because I am at home and nobody rings the bell and I hear/see them drive by. It has gotten better since I brought it to the local PO's attention though.



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I asked the guy at our Post Office to explain why Registered Mail was so slow. First he explained the if one of the packages is lost it could mean the loss of a job! He physically hands off the Registered packages off to the next Postman and has him sign for it, e.t.c, e.t.c., He says that its slow but he couldn't remember one that was lost in that process. Our postmen/women are very good about coming and ringing the door bell. I have to give the post office credit on this one.....I don't remember ever losing a Registered piece of mail.




P.S. I am not a postal employee!

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