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  1. Thanks Mohawk for the response and the advice. moon (Mike)
  2. Great response and thank you for your insight. I will give them a call as they have now been recommended multiple times. moon (Mike)
  3. Hey Rick thanks for the info buddy, will do
  4. I called Heritage and sent them a list of one of my Franklin collections which I said I was thinking of selling (Franklin Proof Set 1) After reviewing it they contacted me back and said they would like to have the set (to auction) but I wasn't sold on their procedures and all. I also forgot to ask about setting a reserve on just 4 of the Franklins from that collection. Not sure how much effort they put into their auctions; maybe it was just the individual I talked to that made me feel that way. Just didn't get a great vibe ! Or hell maybe it was me that was off my game ......
  5. Greetings once again; Was wondering (since I have no experience) selling coins thru an auction house and it sounds like they charge basically the same for the same service, which Auction house(s) would you recommend in consigning coins to ? What has been you positive AND negative experiences with them. Appreciate all the responses. moondoggy (Mike)
  6. Greetings all; Hey its been awhile since my last journal so figured it was time to share another coin experience. Just for the hell of it (call it the winter boredom blues) I decided to crack open a couple of PCGS Green Rattlers (Morgans ) I had lying around and send them in and see if they would grade higher than from back in the day. These weren't major Morgans so I figured I would give em a shot. I really do not recommend "breaking" out graded coins in hopes of attaining a "better" grade but it more or less was just for curiosity to see if the old adage of the PCGS green.rattler tale was true. I submitted an 1885 that WAS graded MS64 and it came back MS65. The other morgan was an 1884 that was graded MS64PL and it came back MS64+. So maybe a small drop but nothing substantial. Hope everyone is at least getting thru this winter with their wits about them and looking forward to the arrival of an early spring/ Good hunting in your quest for that next homerun coin. moondoggy
  7. Sure here it is, it's a 23 T Bucket.....also very fast has a 383 stroker engine
  8. thanks for the info. I quit collecting them awhile ago.
  9. Hey Rick, no makes no matter to me. I've never judged someone on what they collect or where their interest lie.. I"m not that closed minded. and if there are some here that are in that prejudice group their comments really are of no interest to me........Also being better is an abstract term. Whats make one collector better than someone else. I myself would refer to those types as dickheads......
  10. Thanks for the comment and I agree. Also thanks for the welcome
  11. Hey Rick doing good.... Have spent the last 4 years building a hot rod (23 T Bucket) but missed all my buds here too.. So I renewed my membership and hope to get caught up with all. Franklins are doing good. In fact I just sent in a few more for grading. Glad to know you are still cruisin around here.
  12. Greetings all. It has been awhile but I am back. Have a question about American Silver Eagles. Given the current price of silver and what the U.S. Mint is charging for these has anyone backed off purchasing these ? When silver was much higher they sold in the $50 range but now when silver is so low they are and have been charging the same ! Thoughts Mike