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my morgan ngc submission posted by Billy Blaze

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My first crack on finding raw coins


Well i did horrible on my first search of semi rare date coins

Won a bid on a total of 6 morgans about $600 for the lot

I sent them in to be graded scratch proof holders blah blah

blah $180 for all that just got them back


Huge disappoint 2 came back vf details improperly cleaned

1 came vg details improperly two 40s and one 30 came back

to complete my nightmare


Man do i suck at this im learning but i figured i lost more than

$500 on this whole thing


I clearly dont want the improperly

Cleaned coins by no means


Well gonna take some time and reflect on this


Billy Blaze


Sad thing is that i have bought 5 more that i wanted

to submit but not confident now


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check with the person(s) you brought them from and see if they will take them back. Most reputable dealers even individuals in my experience will take them back if they were improperly cleaned or found to be counterfeit. I have even had coins stated in the listing they were "gem" level and came back PF 63 or PF 64 and I was able to return them after I received them back from NGC grading. There are more good dealers and collectors who sell that would be willing to work with you I'm sure. These are the ones you want to keep track of. Don't know if it helps this time but give it a shot and get in touch with them. Good Luck



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The only dealer i have dealt with hete in florida

Is coin galleries of boca raton


I had taken these to him to send off for grading

And he said they wrent worth it i thought he was wrong cause he offeted

Me 20 bucks a coin but i needed to send them in to see how i did

And as we can see i am terrible i messaged the person that i bought

These from and his answer was "ok". I sent him another pretty nasyy

Si i am sure since he isnt gonna make thing righti


I really dont have the contacts of any good rep dealers


I am imtested in trying to fill out my morgan


So i need to finf a dealer or two of what moondoogy mentioned


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Generally speaking, I never purchase raw Morgans, period. Identifying counterfeit Morgans is easy enough, but detecting a coin that has been improperly cleaned is another. It is extremely difficult and even the best are wrong a fair percentage of the time.


The way I was taught to ID a cleaned coin is to study the finish. Uncleaned or properly cleaned coins have a very shiny silver luster and coins that have been improperly cleaned have more of a white finish to them. The only real way to get better at this is have a master set and match every raw coin you are considering to it.


That's one of the reasons I love collecting GSA Morgans. One can carefully select a raw GSA and have a pretty good shot at that coin getting a grade as long as the integrity of the holder is not breached. Even then I prefer a graded coin to taking my chances sending one in.

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Billy, I did the same thing around 10 years ago. A dealer told me a long time ago that if the Morgans were worth being slabbed then they would already be in a slab. I did get a few nice graders that were raw but you need to search and find a reputable dealer or even auctions like Stacks Auctions that will mention raw with details.

There is really no cheap way to build a Morgan set!!!


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What were the years/mints you were looking for? Also, you say you won a bid, so what auction house was it? It's too bad about the coins, better luck in the future.

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its ok as you learn from mistakes and get better. Better yet buy slabbed coins so you have an idea what they look like and then give it a try with raw ones once your better on the grading

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I agree with all of these comments, especially with MKman's. I, for one, found out that jumping into coin purchases without experience is costly in so many ways. Seek advice BEFORE buying is always the best option.


You have made a great step by asking for suggestions from the many knowledgeable people on this site. There are so many directions to go in regards to which coin to purchase. Each need special training in recognizing, especially dealing with raw coins. Which are, IMHO, the most adventurous and challenging.


To you and all of the others who are reading this post. . . Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you a new coin or two.


Semper Fi,




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Hi Billy,


Sorry about the grades, but don't give up. It was an expensive lesson, but nothing teaches as well as the school of hard knocks. As Thomas Edison said while perfecting the design of the light bulb, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." You now have five examples of what to avoid the next time.


I also agree with several of the other replies. You ought to buy some inexpensive certified Morgans in a range of grades so that you know what to look for in the future. There are lots of good books on Morgans too that describe what to look for in each year/mint. I'm a a strong believer in the saying "Buy the book before the coin." It's well worth the investment if you don't have one.


Gook luck in the future.

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Well to some things up the people i bought them compated

Themselves as competitive as heritage coin auction s


lol they also stated that if i want uncleaned coins i should

By them akready slabbed and they have no way of knowing the coins

I submitted are the ones i bought from them


What bs


This is ebay sellar on ebay even though i did everything i could to

make sure i didnt get screwed i did


Most likely will have to look at hertage and teletrade


At work now i will list coins that i sent in when i get home


So many questions its gonna take alot of research to answer them all



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Good advice from several posters. The only raw Morgans I have ever submitted are two I picked out of a batch of 100 I inherited from my grandfather. He got them from the bank in the early 1960's, put them in a box and never touched them again. The two I submitted (1888 and 1896) came back at MS-63. Nothing spectacular but I'm confident none of this batch was ever cleaned.


My record on eBay purchases isn't as good. One "gem BU" Walking Liberty half came back AU-58; another came back MS-62. The most disturbing was a "choice BU" gold dollar that came back as "not genuine". Most of the circulated examples I sent in came back at or near the advertised grades, but I'm very particular about buying raw circulated coins on eBay and have returned several that looked suspect.


Good luck on future submissions.


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