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The best part about being a coin dealer

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Yesterday, I became privy to part of an email that a collector sent to a dealer, regarding a recent purchase. And it made for a great read:


Dollar received this afternoon.


I would like to state for the record, if I may, just how remarkable I find this dollar.


Exceeded, nay, smashed my expectations.


"If you happen to get your hands on this coin, I can almost guarantee you that you will not want to put it down."


I guarantee you I had a tough time putting it down to type this email.


Thanks very much. Take care.

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Here is a email I received years ago:


Awesome coin received



Just received the 19-s Buff and want to say that I'm very satisfied. The color ,luster, strike and eye appeal is very impresive. If you ever have any more high grade Buffs come in please let me know ASASP.It's going to make a great addition to my collection. Many thanks.


Getting messages like that do make you happy you are in the profession.

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Very nice! So the collector goes through the rest of his life with that coin in his hand...?


Not necessarily. Who's to say he wont pass it from one hand to another, repeatedly?



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These kinds of comments are really gratifying when the coin in hand is wayyy more impressive than thought. I've had a few like that selling on E-Bay and the like. You feel like the person is telling you "good eye".



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