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Post a common date/mm toner in the series you collect.

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One of the first things you learn when you collect toners is that certain date/mm are much easier to find than other date/mm. Post a common date/mm toner (or more than one if you feel like it) from the series you most like to collect. For me it would be Franklins, and by far the most common date/mm to find nicely toned would be the 1958-D. Roughly 40% of ALL NGC starred Franklins are '58-D's.


Here's a twofer that came out of the same mint set card.







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Doesnt get more common than the 1911 Liberty Nickel at 39 million!


Here's a toner I pick up from Mark Feld






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Do you mean a common date that is toned


or a date that comes commonly toned? lol


He means the latter.


Normally I would post a Frankie, as that is one of my main series. But, I will be a little different - and post a CBH. Of all the dates, for some reason, I find the 1832 comes nicely toned more often than most other dates. This is not to imply that it is commonly found in this condition - just more common than other magnificently toned bust halves.






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I used to collect seated half dimes and I think 1858 and 1862 are the easiest to find in pretty color. Maybe that's because they are common date and you can find many in mint state condition.










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I love the 1911 wheat and the oregon trail.


What did they grade?

Thanks, copper_toning. Those are MS65.


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Common date with uncommon color:








PCGS 65; CAC thinks AT.




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