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What do you think of these?

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I just recently bought these. Tell me what you think of them. Sorry for the poor pictures. The pictures don't do these coins justice.


Here are the coins:


1787 Fugio Club Rays Rounded Ends PCGS VG08 CAC

1915 Buffalo Nickel NGC PF 65

1869 Indian Head Cent NGC PF 65 RD Cameo







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I love your choices. I have a real soft spot for the buffalo and IHC. The Fugio doesn't seem to fit with the other two, but It's a must coin for any collection

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1-----the fugio is superb


above average centering and smooth hard surfaces on this lower grade circulated coin it is remarkable that it has such even coloraing smooth and evenly worn with no problems just honest wear


it is what i call a gem circulated coin with amazing eye appeal and the fugio not only transends the grade but also the holder


also club rays is a mucho better variety on a fugio and a distinct scarcer red book type


a truly rare coin indeed


and again with GREAT EYE APPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2--------- i dont know squat mess about buffalo nicks so i can't comment; sorry


3-- the indian head cent is truly a beaituful remarkable coin and a coin that has claims to proof 65 with a wonderful killer cameo :cloud9: also JA has stated that the eagle eye photo seal is equalivant to a cac sticker and as such cac dealers and john himself with quote a price via coinplex for a buy price short answer-- the eagle eye photo seal is a cac sticker defacto in the eyes of the cac

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i would need to see the coins in hand sight seen to give you a value


but the fugio is within my parameters of speciality ( i am a legend in my own mind)

the other 2 are not


so in my opinion if the photo is as nice as if i saw the coin in hand and liked it


fair retail for the coin in a colonial dealers case at the nov 2012 balty bourse who has customers actively searching for this coin type and grade with the c4 convention also in attendance now at this show as bay state is now defunct



easily sell for between $750-850 range



could be more if in hand sight seen the coin really jumped out at me with better color and surfaces than the photo suggests


but obviously i cant see this coin in hand sight seen now if you will be at bslty friday then i woujld be able to see if if you brought it to me there for me to looks at



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Here is what I paid for each.


Fugio: $650

Buffalo and Indian I got a deal on the pair for $4600 for both.


How did I do?


It's a fair price on the nickel and cent, but it's close to retail.

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Below and to the right of date (screen right).


John Curlis


That is part of the ribbon from the braid in the hair.


The bottom right, towards the rim.


John Curlis

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