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Album Toning

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Personally, I find album toning to be an interesting thing to consider. On the one hand, some striking patterns and colors can result. On the other, there is the likelihood that someone's prints from long ago are still on it as they pushed the coin into the album. So I'm a bit conflicted in how I feel about it. The particular coin you attached is moderately attractive to me, although I would love to see how the luster rolled on it.


I definitely prefer this type over envelope toning. Envelope toning is usually a shade of brown, from my experience, and in small doses can be nice but doesn't produce the look that appeals to me. Bag toning, though, can be quite exciting when you consider the sheer number of possibilities. But there are some very nice album toning coins out there. I'm attaching one that I believe was formed by an album (it was in a dansco one when I bought it last month). This kind really excites me!


This is an 1898o.


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I like album and envelope toning, especially from older albums and envelopes.


The coins I collect are generally from before 1900, and my preference is that they look old and antique-like.




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This coin looks a little better in person than the picture shows. I have seen other colors formed by envolope toning that are not always brown. It does seem that envolope toning robs the coin of luster.

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I definitely prefer "album" type toning on Morgans. Don't own any bag/textile toners, but some of the pictures I've seen are beauties that I may warm up to.


Brought back from Christmas vacation some old Lincoln pennies that my father had in Whitman folders for over 30 years. No real tough dates, but a couple of the older really worn over had the prettiest rainbows on them, so I kept them in an album.

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I have a few (I just sold one to dog two weeks ago) the first is a NGC MS64 (the twin to the one dog bought) the reverse is fully toned in similar color and the second is a nice PCGS MS66. But when it comes to my favorite you still cannot beat a good old fashioned true rainbow bag toned morgan.





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I like album toning (though my wife does not, so I own few coins with album toning). But I MUCH prefer only a small frame of toning and a white center to album toning that has crawled over the entire coin. So for RotatedRainbow's coins, I very much like the obverse of the PCGS coin whereas I am not thrilled about the obverse of the NGC coin.


I think that a small ring of toning helps "set off" the rest of the coin in the same way that a frame helps set off a painting. Does anyone else agree?


Mark of University of Florida

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Toneddollars, My photos are scans not from a camera. I just bought a new camera but have not received my light yet so I can figure out how best to use it. I use a HP 7400c scanner and scan at 2400x2400 true optical resolution which does bring out more realistic color then when I scan at 1200x1200 or less. Also it took me a few months of trial and error to get the setup just right to bring out the best color and clarity for toned dollars.

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Well between this thread on album toning, and the other one on posting pictures, I thought I'd combine them all and post some pictures of some toned coins that currently reside in my albums! These are Morgans from my circulated set, none slabbed, just happily living with their friends in a Dansco album. The first two were bright white BU coins I bought in a set of 5 back in 1992, and they came in a nice velvet case. Well the hinge in the case was steel, and when combined with midwestern humidity began the toning process on just the obverses of the coins. Several now have a nice ring of golden toning around the edges that were nearest the hinge! At least these ones I know what caused the toning since the entire process occurred while in my possession. The 1895-O is just an examply that shows toning can be interesting on non MS coins (and it's true, I am no toning expert, so this very well could be an AT experiment gone awry), and the 1902, I have no idea, I jsut thought it looked neat and original (and another non-MS example). I hope you like them, even though they aren't the typical rainbow beauties that others have shared.





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wow a great thread and lots of information and even better scans/photos of great! toned coins!!


here is another toned coin


with album target/bullseye toning that is fully prooflike underneath the toning that makes the toning come to life and jump out at you when seen in person


for me be it envelope, album bag or whatever type of toning it all depends on the overall look of the coin


even some envelope toning is superb for example a seated ms coin with a thick skin still white overall from a long dtorage in an envelope and still with monster booming lustre! especially so with the high end non sulfer coin envelopes used by some advanced niumsmatists during the late 19 th century or maybe even by chance!!??


or the monster bag toned morgan that was not moved in the bag for over 60 years and turned out with all the right colors in all the right places on the obverse!


or the target album toned silver capped bust coin with rings of monster color developed over many years 60 or more and not being dipped before being put into the album and now not only has that great album toning but the

glazed whiteish look of a totally original unmessed with coin!!! this is how these pre 1835 silver coins come when totally original!! no secondary toning here sooooooooo the toning took many years to develop like this!! rare for a coin like a capped bust pre 1835 coin!


and the list goes on and on now post more photos/scans!!!!!!!!!!!!


sincerely michael



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you are extremely astute evp wow! really astute


you are right the cameo effect the polishing on an ms coin!!


usually the small half dimes like this coin are not popular really

small coins........................... as even in proof grades they just are hard to see



well this coin of any seated coin i have ever seen in the last 30 years is one of the best i have ever seen............

in terms of eye appeal


..........maybe i do not get out that much...........lol


but be that as it may this small half dime just jumps out at you .... with the strong prooflike surfaces

the toning comes alive and also makes this coin like evp says a polished cameo on a mintstate coin to boot!!


it glows like there is a light underneath the toning........ whoever put this coin away in an album years ago

knew what they where looking at with this mintstate cameoed prooflike coin with immauculate surfaces


the way this coin toned just added to the appeal


all by chance...................... i guess there are always lots of new discoveries out there waiting for the right moment to present



here is another toned album coin abet a larger seated coin and a proof..................



sincerely michael


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thanks pq seated it is refreshing to see another seated collector apprecaite such a rare animal


the owner of this coin was really very lucky and got it on a fluke just being in the right place at the right time

and this really never ever happens much.................................



some years ago this coin came out of a long time collection in an older ngc slab


and it was seen by chance after it was made available. the coin was being looked at by a few collectors but

if you would have heard the price you would have passed out..............lol


i told the buyer to BUY THIS COIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and they did......... as many were looking and thinking about the coin


i said well do not think...........BUY IT!!!




which they did!!!!!!! after they bought it then others wanted it! AND WERE TOLD well you should have bought it

rather than thinking about it but human nature being what it is no one wanted to take the plunge so to speak


until someone else bought it then everyone wanted it.........lol and at the time the price was HUGE!!!!......lol


today.......... looking back in hindsight this was a monster bargain..........


now the specialized dealer selling this coin had put together the finest pcgs set legend obv. halfdimes

ever with all the finest grades and all the pcgs 68 coins! so this dealer knew what all the finest graded specimums

looked like! and the dealer said this coin was heads and tails better!!!!!


well being skeptical and also having seen or heard of all the other ms68 pcgs and ngc coins .........

when i saw this


ngc ms 68 half dime there was NO DOUBT in my mind this was a great once in a lifetime coin!


but i had some insider information on this coin before i saw it so i told the buyer to BUY IT!!!!!


while many others were thinking about it..................lol


i guess it was just luck and timing and being in the right place at the right time with all the planets

alligned so to speak.................lol



this rarely happens to me and in this current market THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME ANYMORE............lol


see in coins it is like frog kissing


you go kiss/look at lots of frogs you keep yourself open always kissing

/looking at these frogs/coins well when you kiss a frog/looking at a coin you get lots of wart/ ugly disappointing



well once in a great while you kiss a frog/look at a coin and you get a prince/princess rare but it does happen

and by keeping yourself open it does happen


like it did with this 1860 halfdime!!!!!!!!!!! if you like seated coins you will pass out when you look at this coin

in person........ now not a great rare date or a 1870 s halfdime




AMAZING FANTASTIC and ALMOST as rare as the 70 s halfdime in terms of technical and eye appeal


this coin glows in the dark!!!............lol if you get my drift


sincerely michael



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BTW, Michael, can I have that half dime? Please? Pretty please? I love it so, and your enthusiastic verbiage only fuels my desire for that coin.


You take great liberty comparing your coin to a '70-S, but I don't blame you. Your coin is very, VERY special!


Another thing... How'd you get the picture to show off the die polish lines so well?




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wow evp that 1862 ms dollar is superb incredible cameo!!!!!!!!!! and you can see the strike! wow


a monster strong strike every detail strong............ looks like a first strike off of a new die pairing


incredible i would like to see this coin in person


i have seen proofs not as crisp in the strike as your ms coin................. wow crisp and deeply impressed by

the new dies and freshly polished also


super sleeper undervalued coin


sincerely michael

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You can see the coin if you ever go to a major East Coast show. I go to every single Baltimore show. And, the ANA will be there this year.


If you go, let me know and I'll bring the coin.




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1862 is my fav year for seatred coins as the dimes are really rare of any proof seated dimes 1860 to 91!


the guy that photographed this coin used a camera and had two lightbulb lamps on either side he did it fast

as i was not paying him to do this only for a favor a taste to try his coin photographing service............lol


i guess it just came out well i am sure thAT a better photo could be taken but i am not going back paying 100

dollars an hour..........lol just me


herre is a 62 dime but again looks better in person a 65 proof coin i love the 62 date and that curl on the 2


just like your dollar


lets trade both coins your dollar for the halfdime plus you throw in a brand new stripper 4 door honda civic........lol




sincerely michael

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oh here is the 1862 dime scan pcgs proof 65 and really nice for the grade.............. undergraded.......lol i think



sincerely michael



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lets trade both coins your dollar for the halfdime plus you throw in a brand new stripper 4 door honda civic


throw out the car and throw in a real stripper and i may consider a trade! lol!






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sorry i edited to say it is a proof the 1862 the scan really doesnot show the deep monster deep mirrors


i really do not like scans or photos but this is all we got


here is a really monster toned ngc ms 67 dime this coin drove a leading crackout artist some years ago




kept sending it in for a 68 which it is but kept coming back 67 oh well but he never tells the coins he


get upgrades on .................................lol but the person who bought this coin paid moon money for it


in the 67 holder as the lustre is booming thruogh the toning but again the scans barely does justice to the coin!!


sincerely michael


ps coins like these make grown men weep...........................................lol



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