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Need help on the 1834 specie daler

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I collect U.S. coins, but applying those standards, I'd say that this piece is an AU-58. I see the slightly hint of a rub on the high points. Such pieces often end up in MS-62 holders. If the piece has a lot of luster under the toning, which I can't see from the photograph, it could get a Mint State grade legitimately.

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so it might sell for more then the one at ebay?

ngc world coin price only go to XF


you have a different year, so number produced and number surviving are probably different and yours looks worse condition


so it WILL sell for more or less than the one on eBay, with a very slim chance of it selling for the same amount



price is related to supply and demand




are you going to start selling your family hoard on eBay?


or try to find out as much about them here rather than buy a Redbook or a Krause World book


how many other coin boards are you at?

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@ e1cnr


i have put an order for these books.

but i think grading i pretty hard when your a newbie

im good at juwlery and silver service.. stuff like vinaigrette.

but coins and notes are not my strong side yet.

and yes im selling on ebay.

but not things from my family..

sorry if i annoy you.






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I'll say this again.


When you think you are ready to sell and have a price in mind that you think you can get on eBay you should consider listing on here for a discount. What I mean is if you have a coin you hope will reach $1,000 on eBay, you could list it here for $900 and actually get more money in the end.


If you sell on eBay and get $1,000 after the fees you only take home around $880 depending on how you list the item.


Just my 2c

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All that mtnstyne is saying is that if you sell a coin here there is no fee, while eBay (and Paypal) fees will deduct 12% from your final price.


I sold tons of coins and other items on eBay from 1999 to 2001 and made enough money to buy a new Audi. I still sell on eBay but the current fees take a big cut out of your profits.


I sold two gold coins to an NGC Collectors Society member two weeks before Christmas this year and the transaction could not have gone better. For the most part everyone here is honest which is not the case with eBay.


Nevertheless if you do sell on eBay post the link here so that we can bid.


PS - I would grade your coin AU-58 with a shot at MS-60. It's much nicer than the one on eBay and I will congratulate you on not trying to clean it. Maybe have it certified before selling it.

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If you do not have a good idea on condition / value / rarity of an item, you will do better on eBay with good pics - even with them (eBay/PAYPAL) collecting their fees


true cream (top end/rare) would do better at one of the top auction houses, like Heritage


for ex - we have seen stuff from $5 to $5K+ from Rawzone


if these were placed anywhere with a price, the only ones that would sell are the ones worth much more, leaving money on the table


there usually is a 'raw' discount on valuable/counterfeited coins - so certification would usually add value to these - probably most items over-



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thanks alot for all info.

im sure gonna get my coin graded. but not easy when you live in Denmark.

and then sell here/ha.com


i got a problem you guys maybe can help me with?

i got alot old things from US that im gonna sell.

its things like old native/indian shoes/clothes and old arrowheads, i think its from 18-- ??

also got stamps/scraps/postcards

do you know a good site were i can compare price and condition?

maybe get some advice.


again thanks alot for your help..

im very grateful


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