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Old Germen banknotes.. any help here??

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i dont think these ever have been used.

nr 1

100 mark

Lot from A-4460204 to A-4460246 all included






nr 2

20 mark

Lot from D-06686204 to D-06686244 all included






nr 3

50 mark

lot from E-06628201 to E-06628210 and E-06628297 to E-06628300







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the reishmarks are neat pieces of history and some added value because of the packet from a bank/counting house wrapper consecutive serial number


i would say they are worth $1 usd- 3usd per note


so count up the notes lets assume you got 35 notes then you got $70 usd- 105 usd for all fair market value


maybe more?? to a collector interested historically for the whole stack

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Michael was probably right on target for the 100-mark and 50-mark as these are both very common notes. The 20-mark notes are not as common, but I'll let you know what my German friend says.

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According to my German friend, the 100-mark notes usually go for 1-2 euros, the 50-mark for less than a euro, and the 20-mark for around 5-15 euros. They may also have a premium for consecutive notes, but he wasn't sure about that. Hope this helps.

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you can go through Heritage, but as a full service auction house, you'd be looking at a couple months before you get any cash. Typically, they settle 45 days after the auction close, so if you are patient it might be worth it. If you are looking for full service auctions, you might also try Lyn Knight who specializes in currency. You might also try Denly's of Boston.

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My advice would be to put them up on eBay and see what they bring.




I did what you said and offered them on ebay..

just finished selling them today.


they went for 1700 $


50 reichsmark went to US

100 went to china.

20 went to US



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