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Just a Thought on Registry Awards.

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On how we might devise a more equitable means of honoring collection.


DISCLAIMER: The things I propose would never elevate my sets as I never intend to add pictures or any significant commentary to my completed competitive sets.


Here's an idea, we scrap the points entirely and rank sets according to what date they were completed or what date they achieved a specific completion percentage


Each year all 100% complete sets are compared to each other based on the quality of the pictures, the percentage of NGC coins (higher percentage is better, and the quality of the comments included with each coin.


Sets could not win in consecutive years but would be eligible again after a year has passed.


Just some thoughts to kick around.

Whattya think!!!



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This club has made enough changes to satisfy the different minded so-called collectors.


Be happy with what you have today---(YOU MAY NOT HAVE ANYTHING) to complain about tomorrow. I totally enjoy this club "going on 3 years now". This message is for all members like it or not. ANYWAY----ARE YOU A COLLECTOR OF PLAQUES,POINTS,RATINGS,RANKS or just coins?






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Beawchan, I don't think Six Mile Rick was really refering to anyone as fools in his comment. It does seem that there are many people who care alot about their points more than coins. I for one do not really care about points but do get a little disheartend when a high roller can buy everything under the sun for an instant set. I use the registry for my own tracking purposes only and have thought greatly about removing any comments and pictures due to that fact. I feel that the people who are in it for the glory of a plaque, certificate, points or ratings are missing the point to begin with. All of that said with or without points he who has the money will always complete a set before he has not.

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Been here for roughly 10 years. I stay here because I like the way it is set up. I like the points but even though I am a solid middle man ( I can spend $1000 on a Walker for my set, yet I will never even break the top 10 with that series).


Regardless, I have no class envy and am happy with the modest set I've assembled. If someone has a single coin in their Walker set with a higher value than my whole collection-more power to him. I know what my goal is and I will achieve it unless some calamity befalls me or my family.


In the end, it is just a little paper certificate--I have dozens of them from everything-- volunteering in the community, graduating high honors at college, being a patrol in elementary school, to catching a 6 pound sea trout..Nobody I know really cares about my little certificates and no coin collector friends of mine have ever even met me in person...so I do own a few of the certificates of #1 sets and they are in a pile in a box somewhere ( and of the 10-15 sets I've been #1 at and won a certificate, I believe only 1 or 2 are still #1)..


I think those of you who have won those plaques are the ones who possess something with real bragging rights. To say that you were a journal author with an interested following--or that you had taken the time to Present a set ( however modest the value) and display it in a way as to win Best Presented Set or came up with a novel idea for a theme like "Inspirational Ladies" custom sets--these are the people who show true passion and creativity in the hobby and this registry site--and you gentlemen are the ones who have deservingly attained the prestigious plaques.


Congrats to Beau, GHermann and the likes for winning the truly "High Honors"..money can't buy those ones that you guys have won...my 2c

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I agree, a lot of people seem to have an interest in the competitive side of the registry and a lot of people are more interested in using the registry mostly as a means to organize their collections. There are probably also a lot of people who have a little of both motivations going concurrently. In fact, with such a large group of users, its inevitable that we are going to have differing motivations that run the gamut from one extreme to the other.


Logically, those that truly only care about the COINS will not even have the slightest concern or even awareness of those spending the big bux and racking up the elephantine point totals. They're just enjoying the coins on their own merit.


I was merely suggesting a way to even the playing field and provide a way for"The true Collector" to have a chance to showcase their collection without having to outspend a billionair. One thing I forgot to add to my suggestion was the ability to Opt-Out and remove your set(s) from any consideration.



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I like it the way it is. I think change is good in some situations but not here, not now anyway.

Now, where is that award I won ....... oh yeah, I didn't win one....... %*&@#$!!


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