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Capped Bust Half Dime Set Completed

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I went to the Philly Whitman show this past weekend with my usual wantlist.

On the wantlist were two Capped Bust half dimes that I've been looking for for several years.

[NOTE: I use the Red Book listing to define "complete".]

I was hoping to find one of them.

But there in a dealer's case were BOTH of them, side by side.

I bought them both.

My set is now complete.


I know I overpaid for them BUT after several years searching with nary a sighting of either coin I couldn't pass up the opportuntity.



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Good for you!


I know what it's like to NEVER see certain coins and then have to pay more than the price guides say to get them. Some of the guys who write the price guides don't buy and sell that many coins, and they certainly can't know everything about every part of the coin market.


The only thing I will say is that you should know how hard something is to find BEFORE you pay an all outdoors price for it. And you might need to be prepared to see the same sort of item two weeks later for a lot less money.


But as Dr. Sheldon wrote many years ago, "Sometimes the collector bug bite HARD."

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PICS or it didn't happen :D


Actually, big congrats on completing a much tougher set than one would assume. You didn't say which two coins they were but, both the 1837 small 5C and the 1835 small date, large 5C are truely scarce coins. I would suspect that at least one of the coins you needed was one of these.

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A BIG Congrats on a HUGE Accomplishment. Only people like us, here on these boards, understand what REALLY goes into completing a set and how much time and energy is involved. What is the ave. grade level of your set? Just Curious :) You must feel ACCOMPLISHED

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Congrats on the completion. I have heard it said, that a collection is never "really" complete.

I sure would like to see some images too!







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Okay, here's the pics:






I've got a suggestion in (somewhere) to NGC asking that they give us the option of whether we want the "finger" insert or just the plain "hole" insert in their slabs.

As the coins get smaller the intrusion of the fingers gets proportionally worse.


okbustchaser, you were half right.

I got the 1836 Lg5 because the one I thought I had was actually a "3 over inverted 3".

Found that out when I was checking die pairs with the Logan/McCloskey book.


Here's a breakdown of the grades:


Grading Count

XF-40 = 3

XF-45 = 6

AU-50 = 2

AU-55 = 3

AU-58 = 2

MS-62 = 1

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