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A DOUBLE Christmas edition of guess the grade and Overton!

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Ok, I just got these two in the mail the last couple days, so I thought I'd share and play guess the grade and Overton! So have at it and I'll post more in a day or two.





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I agree with MBA on the first half. XF 45 and O-110, Rarity 2. The only thing that puzzles me on the O-110 is that the Overton book states that the mouth is open. Maybe it's the picture, but to me, the mouth is closed on the coin. Also, star 7 seems to point a bit lower in the book than on the coin. But MBA is the master at this so I gladly defer to his expertise.


As for the second coin, I had a heck of a time with the Overton number for this one, I had 5 or 6 possibilities going, one of which is 104, so again, I defer to the master. The reverse picture wasn't too clear so I couldn't match up some of the details especially the top of the C in 50 cents.(Some varieties have a weak top to the C). Also, I would like to see a clearer picture of the date. Miss Liberty has an interesting scowl on your coin that I couldn't match anywhere. The 5 in 50 on your coin appears nearly closed with a fat end which doesn't show on the picture of 104, and the stars on the left side aren't all drawn to the edge as in Overton's picture of 104, though many are. Still, 104 is among the closest matches that I could find. Gradewise, I would go AU 50, with allowance for some weakness especially noted on the clasp.


Now remember, I am a rank amateur at this...doing it for fun and trying to gain some experience. The second coin was a challenge and for the reasons above, I'm just a bit uncomfortable with my designation of O-104. Again, MBA is the pro here so I would trust his assessment. O-104 is a R-5 which is "rare".


Out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea what is going on with the first S in STATES?


RI AL....hopefully not looking too foolish :blush:





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RI AL, no need to think poorly of yourself on Overton attribution, it's really more an art than a science! I agree with MBA on the 1825, but not on the 1829, so feel free to offer up your own opinion on it (though MBA may still be right!). Here are my poor attempts at some close-ups on the 1829 that might help!





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Thanks for the additional shots. I'm a bit more confident now ,especially with the closeup of the shield and the 5 in 50. I believe that you have a O-112a. The giveaway is the solid stripe 6 on the shield and the 3rd line of stripe 5 extending into crossbar 2. This is a rarity 1.


By the way...2 really nice coins!!



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Well, the first one MBA got exactly right, it's an O-110 that PGCS graded EF-45, the second one is an O-112a that somehow PCGS graded as only EF-40, which is fine by me since it's a beautiful coin for less money!

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