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AOL And web hosting

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Not sure if it's on my end or not but with the recent change in AOL's "My Pictures" I am unable to get a web address for my pictures. So right now you might not be able to get the pictures to work. mike

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Someone across the street posted instructions for posting pics on AOL for web hosting.


Assuming your goal is to upload image files (JPEGs, for example) into your personal AOL Web space so as to make them available by URL link in places such as this forum, what you want is now called "My FTP Space" (AOL Keyword: myftpspace).


FTP or File Transfer Protocol, as you're probably aware, is an Internet standard protocol for transmitting files from one computer to another. AOL allows you to use FTP in limited fashion to load files directly into the web hosting disk space reserved for your screen name. I believe AOL now provides 20 MB per screen name.


Once you've loaded your images onto AOL, you can access them via URLs that look like this:


http://members.aol.com/{YOUR SCREEN NAME}/{FILENAME}


For example, if your screename is MarySchmoe, and you upload a picture file named MyCoin.jpg, the URL to access this image will be:




Upper/lower casing is immaterial in these URLs.


You can get more sophisticated if you like by creating "directories" underneath the root of your FTP Space so you can organize your images into folders rather than have them all cluttering the root directory. For example, you might create nested directories named "ebay" and "auction5" and place in "auction5" only those images for your fifth auction on eBay. When using directories, simply include them in the URL between your screen name and the filename:




Hope this helps,



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