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How Many Series Do You Actively Collect?

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Hi folks, I'm curious as to how many and what US coin series you actively collect NOT from circulation. For example, if you collect Franklins, and Walkers along with Mercury Dimes, I'd consider that 3 series. If you collect silver Roosies, wheat cents, 3¢ nickel, and 2¢, that'd be 4.


I ask this specifically because I've gotten to the point with my PCGS Ikes and SBAs that the ones I'm missing are fairly expensive and/or hard to find in the grades I want that look decent, I've lost some interest in Kennedies for the moment, and the other series in my signature are fairly difficult to locate for the right price. So I've been thinking of starting up on some MS-65FB Mercs, MS-66 Silver Washingtons, and MS-64FBL Franklins. But that'd then be around a dozen series (depending on how you count it) that I'm looking at which seems like a lot.


Thanks for responses and input!

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There is no right or wrong answer to how many series you collect - collect whatever you want. I will tell you though, that having too many series going at once means you tend to loose focus and never really get much done. Try picking out 2 series to actively focus on, with maybe a smaller set on the back burner, and then you can pick up the remaining coins for your other series when you get the chance. Maybe I'm biased, but I think MS64FBL Franklins is a great set to work on (click on the link in my signature to see my set :) ).


As for me, I'm working on 3 sets pretty actively. I've got my FBL Franklins, I just added CBHs a few months ago, French Colonial coins, and an English Shilling type set by monarch. I like to have a balance of the foreign stuff because it is usually cheaper, I like the designs, and if I get bored with one set I can move to another for a little while. Then I come back to the other sets and they seem new and fresh to me again. The shilling set is a small set kind of on the back burner - I pick things up when I feel like it.

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OMG how many sets am I collecting???

Prestige Proof Sets (done)

Silver Proof Sets (92-present)

Proof Sets (1955-Present)

Mint Sets (1958-Present)

(Proof and Mint sets include all normal coins ie penny, nickel, etc)

Modern Commemorative Half Dollars (Completed to date)

Modern Commemorative Silver Dollars

Modern Gold Commemoratives

Early Commemoratives (52/144)

BTW Set (Complete 18/18)

Gold Buffalo's Proof 1 oz.

Gold First Spouses

Silver Dollars "W" (2006-Present) Proofs and BU's


I think that's it. If I come up with another one I'll edit this. As far as an actual number, I don't know. hehe

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Well, besides the modern coins that I just update each year, I actively collect Bust Halves and Saints. I am doing a 7070 type set right now, but that's more a side series for the now frequent lulls in the two main sets.

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I don't really have an end goal in mind,but for awhile I've been mostly concentrating on PL Morgan Dollars,BU Indian cents and to a small degree circulated three cent silvers.I don't have too many of the latter two,but I'm always looking. I have a whole bunch of odds and ends as well.Foreign and U.S.

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Five series and none from the US. These include:


Bolivian Republic 1864-1909;

Spanish colonial pillars;

Spanish colonial quarter real;

South Africa ZAR; and

South Africa Union


I am also working on the 1790 Austrian netherlands Insurrection issues 9I have six of the eight listed in Krause), a type set of Mexico Cap & Ray denominations and I occasionally buy Spanish cross issues (silver and copper) when I can find them.

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I used to collect EVERYTHING thanks to OCD -


Now I am pruning down ... When done the pruning Process I will have left


Morgans - Business Strike

Modern Gold/Platinum Commems

Proof Silver Eagles ( Complete and Updated Every Year )

1OZ Gold Buffalo's ( Complete And Updated Every Year )

1883 Proof Set ( Complete and a #1 Set )

Proof Sets 1950-1964 (Will be working backward in years as $ Free Up)

1965-1967 SMS Sets


Thats what is going to be left





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Besides modern sets, which are ongoing, I collect Civil War-Reconstruction coins, an 1879 Mint Set (slipped to #2), a 1949 Mint Set, Peace Dollars,1964 & Bicentennial proofs sets and some various Coronet gold coins. Additionally, I have a few silver, raw, Pre-decimal, Victoria to George VI, Florins.

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Besides modern sets, which are ongoing, I collect Civil War-Reconstruction coins, an 1879 Mint Set (slipped to #2), a 1949 Mint Set, Peace Dollars,1964 & Bicentennial proofs sets and some various Coronet gold coins. Additionally, I have a few silver, raw, Pre-decimal, Victoria to George VI, Florins.


Any Reason for the choice of those mint sets ???



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I'm collecting the following sets:


UK Silver Britannias in NGC/PCGS MS69: I'm down to needing only the 2007, which is proving to be a difficult coin.


Lincoln cent business strikes (1909-date): I'm 95% done; I need 11 wheats and 1 memorial.


20th century type set: I "finished" this set last year, but I'm working on upgrading, so it's still very much a work in progress.


1943-P Mint Set: I'm almost done with this set (just need the 50c), but that one's taking a long time as I'm dedicated to finding the "right" coin to match the set. The mint set is a subset of my 20th century type set. I blame TomB for this set, since he inspired me to start it with the awesome 1943-P quarter he sold me.



Jefferson nickel business strikes (1938-date): I'm 78% done; I am trying to finish this one from circulation and it's just a sideline, but I've finished everything post-1960 and some of the earlier ones as well.


Kennedy Halves business strikes, (1964-date): I'm finished with this one, which I collected from rolls in BU. I'm just adding the mint set coins to it each year now.


I also have a "birds on coins" set that I occasionally buy a coin for, but it's mainly to help me feel like I'm constraining my need to buy a coin into something bordering on constructive.



I want to start a "British Favourites Type Set" next, once I get further along with some of my other sets. This set would just be a selective type set of designs I'm particularly attracted to, but rather than being just an accumulation, it'll be pre-defined and will consist of only one coin per type. The link goes to my 'blog' - check out the August 18 entry to see my ideas for the set.


Other sets I'd like to collect are a British sovereign type set, Liberty head nickels in MS64, and proof silver Britannias in PF69.

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I think the easiest thing to do here is copy and paste from my Bio:


Current Collecting Goals:

-Collect the SAEs in MS69: 96%

-Collect the presidential dollars in MS65+ FD: 15%

-Collect the presidential dollar proof coins in PF69UC: 20%

-Collect the presidential dollar proof coins in PF70UC: 0%

-Build up a set of Mint State Lincoln cents: 9%

-Complete a certified 20th Century Type Set: 38%

-Complete a certified 21st Century Type Set: 100%

-Collect the modern commemorative silver dollars

that I like.


I have a few side projects in addition to that and I have been working with my step-father on several mint sets and a Texas Comemm set but those are largely things I'm doing for him, not my projects.


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I would like to buy some "miscellaneous" coins but if I did, I never finish any of my core sets. So I do not buy anything else/ There is a 1933 New Zealand Shilling up for sale in the Heritage auction. It is reportedly one of 20 minted but I have only seen that specimen (as part of a full set) once before that I recall.


I also like Czarist Russia proof minors but have seen none of them lately.

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I'm not sure what all qualifys here by what you're asking but I guess I'll answer best I can.


SAE's Uncirc.- Complete

SAE's Proof - 2000-Date

Prez dollars Proof & Uncirc. - Complete

Sacs - Complete

Proof Sets - 57-Date


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Here are my collections, in order of priority:


US Type - 1800 - 1964 I have about 25 more coins for this one.


Mercs - I collect these pretty actively


Circ Commems - I like these more than the mercs, though they are much more expensive


Circ Morgans - I usually pick up one or two of these if I can't find a type coin at a B+M dealer. I probably need about a hundred more


Circ Walkers - These are fairly tough to find like I like them

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I actively collect the following:


Circulated Shield Nickels

Circulated Liberty Head Nickels

Morgan Dollars-AU up

Lincoln Cents-Uncirculated and proof--1909 to present(1930 to present completed)

Circulated Buffalo Nickels

Washington Quarters-Uncirculated and Proof 1932 to Present

Roosevelt Dimes-Uncirculated and Proof 1946 to Present--completed

7070 Type Set--completed with some upgrades to do.



Way too many, but I do tend to concentrate on Morgans and Lincolns to the largest extent.



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You know, I clean forgot two others that I've got for the heck of it:


A state quarter type set (one BU coin per state) that's finished (until the territories come out).

The Pres bucks - one per pres in BU.


For both of those sets, I didn't care about them enough to actually bother with the PDSS or PDS sets, but I wanted at least one example of everything to show the grandkids in 40 years.

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What do you mean by "actively"?


By "actively," I mean actually putting effort into looking for the coins. For example, I don't actively look to complete my modern circulated sets of 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, and 25¢, I just look at whatever change I get and add from that. But, I go to the bank and buy $1 coins, so I am actively trying to build that set. For series no longer in circulation, I guess I mean that you look for coins to put into it when you get a chance. Like if you're visiting family somewhere and you go into a local coin store with your shopping list, are those sets on it? If so, then that's "active." It's a little more subjective, though, for stuff that's no longer in circulation.

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I used to collect, along with my Bust Half collection, Seated halves and dollars, Gold, Colonials.

I've since sold off my seated coinage, most of the gold (I'm only keeping 2-3 pieces because of their incredible toning), and sold off all of my colonials. All because I couldn't afford to continue the Bust Half collection if I didn't. So, now, just ONE series.


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Well with that definition I'd have to say two, my Conder tokens an my slabs. I have five other series that I still need a few pieces for but I can't say I "actively" work them. The pieces I need are expensive enough that I don't actively chase them. A few of them I could save a bit and afford if I did chase them, but it just hasn't been a priority. The others Are just out of my reach.


I need a S-1 chain cent to finish off the Chains Probably out of my reach


There are still about 30 varieties of 1794 cent I could use. Maybe half a dozen to a dozen I could stretch for.


Three varieties of Draped bust cent. Forever out of reach, the Chain cent would be cheaper. The cheapest one starts over $5K in FR-2.


Then the ones I could do if I tried, but even if you have the money these don't come around too often.


Three cent nickels, need 1884 and 1887. I want business strikes and they are very seldom seen. Proofs would be much easier, and cheaper but they always seem to come slabbed and I won't buy slabs.


Seated half dimes, need 1846, 1865, and 1867. Another case where the proofs would be easier, but not always cheaper. Here there is also the problem of trying to find raw coins. Since they are expensive they almost always come slabbed.

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I try and keep it simple--I have one active album, one open-ended themed set and 1 registry/slab set going at a time....


I finished my BU franklin album and am slowly working on an XF+ Buffalo album..


I continue to add coins to my sailing ship themed coin collection as I find them..


and now I'm working on my mercury dime short set (I still have 1 left to finish my Walker short set but the 1941-S in MS65/66 is pricey for an average joe like me)


when I finish the album (or get really close) I'll start another...and when I finish the Mercury dime set--I'll start another slab set....the ship themed coins is a lifetime thing...

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Wow, here goes:


Lincoln Memorial - Complete to present

Lincoln Wheat & Memorial

Jefferson Nickel (Business & Proof)

Roosevelt Dime (Business & Proof) - Complete

Washington Quarter (Business & Proof)

State Quarters (Business & Proof) - Complete

Kennedy Half (Business & Proof) - Complete

Franklin Half (Business)

Buffalo Nickels (VF-XF)

Mercury Dime (VF-XF)


ASE (Proof and Uncirculated)

Sacagawea (Business & Proof)


Presidential (Business & Proof)

1870 Proof Set

1870 Mint Set

PCGS Rattler Type Set


I think that is all.

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What do I collect?


All U.S. type coins from copper to gold


19th century U.S. presidential campaign medalets


Selected Civil War tokens


Selected Hard Times tokens.


U.S. Proof sets, both the clad and silver versions.


Modern U.S. commemorative coins in the original mint holders.


The "old" U.S. commemorative silver coinage, 1892 - 1954.

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