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Hi! Folks has anyone ever heard of an error " DAMAGED BEFORE EDGE LETTERING " on any of the Presidential coins? I just received my report on the coins I submited to NGC and this was one of them. Wish I had them photographed but it might be this one .

I collect the Presidential errors and I haven't seen this variety. Thanks, Charlie [/b]



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I don't think variety is the proper term to use here. Seems like the planchet was damaged some time during the preparation process, and then the coin was struck and had the edge lettering added. I guess NGC knew this since the lettering seems to go right into the damage.


Did this coin slab? I guess technically it should have, since it's as-struck.

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I'm giving up on the Prez $'s for everything but the Proof Sets because I have no choice if I want the other coins. The Prez $'s are poorly designed with edge lettering that is cr@ppy at best.


Errors!? I don't consider most of these errors. It is sloppy workmanship. The engineers who designed the machinery to perform the edge lettering couldn't build a sandbox and get it right the first time.


I like to collect (hoard, if you wish) the Mint bags and rolls, but the few that I have opened of the Prez $'s are terrible. I haven't found any that would grade better than 64/65. At least with the Sacagawea, I could find a decent quantity of 67/68 specimens.


The other ridiculous part of this program is that the Prez Proof Sets cost $14.95 when ordered separately, but they only cost $4.00 more when you order the complete Proof Set. What a joke!


As far as I am concerned, they can.............





"Sac" the Prez!



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It's funny Chris that's what they said about the Morgans when they first came out nobody wanted them, you could get them from the bank still in the 1960's,Charlie

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