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So how does this grading service tie into DLRC actually. I have never seen this before and was just curious. I assumed that DLRC would if need be assist one with getting coins graded by PCGS, NGC, etc. Is this a new development?





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That is a great idea hopefully the other TPG's will follow (thumbs u


Never happen given the major volume difference. From their website: DGS Grades over 625 Coins in the First 3 Weeks of Operation. That works out to one coin being graded every 11.5 minutes. I'd estimate that PCGS and NGC average about 12 coins per minute each.

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I looked on the link but I didn't see anything about changing that crappie holder. I bid in the DLRC auctions but I doubt that I would ever bid on a DGS slabbed coin.

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It takes a lot of guts for DLRC to attempt this new venture. Let's face it, knowledgeable coin collectors are a leery bunch when it comes to someone grading and selling coins at the same time. I have never had a problem in my dealings with DLRC, but companies are bought and sold every day. What would happen if DLRC and all of it's subsidiaries were sold to someone with, say, less than scrupulous intentions? Wouldn't that make all coins previously graded by DGS suspect and affect their value?


I have some other, more specific questions:


1. I noticed that some of the Morgans had VAM #'s, but it didn't specify if they were Top 100 or Hot 50. What guidelines will DGS use for attributing VAM's? Will they attribute any VAM or just Top 100 and Hot 50?


2. PCI used the insert with the red border for problem coins. I noticed that DGS is not using a similar insert. Instead, they are identifying the problem with the explanation in red lettering. If problem coins are graded by DGS, would it be possible for them to indicate the overall grade in addition to the net grade on the insert? For example, AU55 Improperly Cleaned, MS64 Details


3. I have a 1967 SMS Kennedy 50c in a PCI holder that was submitted during J. T. Stanton's brief tenure in office. It has doubling on LIBERTY, IGWT, the date, the designer's initials, the facial profile, his eye and nostril, but it isn't listed in the Cherrypicker's Guide. Do I have any recourse with DGS to have this corrected?


Thanks in advance!





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