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National Wildlife Centennial Medal

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After being back-ordered for 3 weeks I just received mine via FedEx today. I bought the silver proof version of the Bald Eagle medal and its a beauty. While I'm not a medal collector, I'm looking forward to getting the complete set.


By the way, one of the reasons I purchased this coin is because Teddy Roosevelt is featured on one side. After reading Roosevelt's biography I was thoroughly impressed with the man. If anyone is looking for a very good biography on a great man here's one that is worth the time. Its a 3-volume set and the third volume hasn't been published yet, but is due out soon. The author is Edmund Morris and the first two volumes are: "The rise of Theodore Roosevelt" and "Theodore Rex". They are extremely well-written and tell a great deal about the man who did so much to establish our national parks and refuges.

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I just received notice that my eagle medal was shipped. I ordered a subscription back in June! The Mint has done nothing but screw this one up, up to this point. smirk.gif I look forward to the medal and will also look into the books you recommended RWW. Thanks!



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The bronze and silver bald eagle medals are identical in design.


I got my silver eagle medal quite awhile ago. I'm still waiting for the rest of the medals in the set, however since I, too, signed up in June. It is way beyond the announced ship date, already.

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I got my silver eagle medal yesterday. Finally! I love the design, but I simply do not care for the new laser-made frost on the devices. It is quite unlike the frost made from sandblasting the devices on the proof dies of coins. The pattern is coarse and readily evident, givning it an almost dimpled effect. Quite unattractive, really, and it is coarse enough to diminish the quality of detail in the devices.


A picture is attached of the medal.




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Wow talk about black and white!!!!!!!!!. I love the eagle and Roosevelt does look proud. But I agree the frost does look a bit overdone.


Great Pic, Hoot smile.gif

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Well, since this is the "coin tangent" section, and this is a thread on National Parks etc. I thought you all might enjoy this:


The following views are actually suggestions and comments

that have been received by the National Forest Service from

visitors to our nation's parks.


"Need more signs to keep the park pristine."


"Escalators would help on steep uphill areas of the hiking



"More families would enjoy the parks and city children could

learn more about nature if the Parks Department would

provide services that include arcades, water slides and

child care."


"A big hotel with a golf course and even a convention center

would attract more people to this natural beauty."


"Instead of a permit system or fees, the Forest Service

needs to reduce worldwide population growth to limit the

number of visitors to the wilderness."


"Trails need to be wider so people can walk while holding hands."


"All the mile markers are missing this year."


"We found a smoldering cigarette left by a horse."


"Many trails need to be reconstructed. Please avoid building

ones that go uphill."


"Too many bugs and leeches and spider webs. Please spray

wilderness areas to rid them of these pests."


"Please pave the trails so they can be plowed of snow in the



"Chair lifts need to be in some places so that we can get to

the wonderful views without having to hike to them."


"The coyotes made too much noise last night and kept me

awake. Please eradicate these annoying animals."


"It would be nice to have the Kodak scenic markers so we

could identify the photographic sites."


"I like all the trees but you need to plant some flowers.

Flower gardens would be so pretty in the forest."


"The giant trees are spectacular but there are too many of

the same kind; you should plant different types, for variety."


"Reflectors need to be placed on the trees every 50 feet so

people could hike at night with flashlights."


"You should have a petting zoo here so that the children

could touch the squirrels, deer and bears."


"I was stung by a bee; you should have warning signs."


"A McDonald's would be a nice sight at the trailhead."


"The places where trails do not exist are not well marked."


"Too many rocks on the mountains."


"A deer came into my camp and stole my bag of chips. Is

there a way I can get reimbursed: Please call . . . . ."


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Jeff - I spent 10 years as a National Park ranger and I heard some doozies in that time. When I was in Glacier National Park, I once had a visitor ask me if there were gorillas in the campground at night! I answered her calmly and said, "No gorillas but the grizzly bears frequent the campground." She was apoplectic. insane.gif



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That's too funny. I am once again reminded that the world is full of insufficiently_thoughtful_persons. I work at a dog pound and once a woman came running up to me to tell me that all the dogs were "stuck" in cages?

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