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I turn 26 today, post a matte lincoln or...

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Happy birthday!!!


Here's a Matte Proof Lincoln cent.




I've been a collector for almost 50 years, and this is my first Matte Proof Lincoln cent. I bought it to round out a minor Proof set, which includes the two types of 1913 Buffalo Nickels. NGC graded this piece PR-65, Brown and I fully agree with the grade.


This coin is a bit different because it has a satin finish obverse and a fully dull matte reverse. The dies that the mint used to strike these coins were dulled with sandblasting before they were used to give the coins the matte finish. The Matte Proof gold coins were treated after the coins were struck, but given the relatively high mintage, the mint decided to confine the matte process to the dies only.


The obverse of this cent is has a satin finish because the die had been in service for a while. As more coins were struck, the metal to metal contact between the die and coin planchet smoothed out the matte surface and made it satiny. The revere die had been in service for a shorter time, and it therefore still had the fully dull finish.


With a mintage of 2,983, the 1913 Matte Proof Lincoln cent is the most common issue in the series. The high number was due to the fact that the cent and nickel were sold as a pair. Therefore collectors who wanted both types of nickel had to buy the cent as well.


Still this is a scarce coin. Two thousand eighty-three pieces is not a lot of coins, and more than a few Matte Proof Lincolns were spent, either on purpose or inadvertently.


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thanks guys. bill very cool matte.


heres mine so far. 4 with the 5th on the way...










thought since everyone is so nice to me on my day, id share my mattes.


hope you all like them


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wow, nice coins everyone.



thanks for making my bday alittle more colorful! Rob, i drool over that 15. well all of them really. yours too leeg. man thats sharp toning on those Lincolns.


To all that posted, thanks for the kind words and awesome pictures!!!




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i like large cents, and really like half cdnts too. thanks for the awesome pictures there. made me feel young again. its weird being more than half way to 50. I feel older for sure. 4 more years and i will be 30. wow. i didnt think i would make it...



thanks again everyone.

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