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C2IT is Out of Business

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Just got the following email:


Dear c2it(sm) Member,


Effective November 9, 2003, the c2it service will be discontinued and

financial transactions using the www.c2it.com website will no longer

be available. At this time, your c2it account will also be closed,

however you may continue to log on to the website until February 22,

2004 to manage your membership information and view your statements.


You currently do not have a balance in your c2it account. As of

November 9, 2003, your c2it account will simply be closed.


If for any reason you have funds in your c2it account upon closure on

November 9, 2003, a check will be sent to the address we have on file

for you. Checks will be mailed on or around November 18, 2003.

Please allow 7-10 business days after November 18, 2003 to receive

your check.


If you also have a c2it Debit Card, it will be cancelled on November

9, 2003 and you will no longer be able to use it for transactions,

including purchases and cash withdrawals.


For more information about the discontinuance of c2it service and

answers to many questions you may have, please visit www.c2it.com and

click the link to view "Important Details and FAQs".


We appreciate your business with c2it and apologize for any

inconvenience this may cause.




c2it Customer Service



I guess the eBay/PayPal gorilla put the only other well known service out of business. mad.giffrown.gif

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I got that e-mail too, and it's a shame. Bidpay is still around though, you don't get paid as fast with them, but it's still free for sellers. I wouldn't hate Paypal so much if it weren't for these few things:


1. Their service just plain sucks.

2. I have a personal account, so if you pay me, no credit cards, only bank transfer so I don't pay a fee. If I upgrade, you can pay me by credit card, bank account, or existing balance, and no matter what, I pay 3%. Why should I pay 3% for them to make an accounting entry from your Paypal account to mine???

3. No option to pass fees along to buyers. I would gladly let people pay by credit if they pay the fee.

4. Increasing intrusion! I just paid for an auction, that was not an auction. Yes, it was on eBay, but the reserve wasn't met, so the seller and I worked out a price and I went to send the funds through Paypal, and I chose eBay auction, and it wouldn't let me proceed without inputting the number! The deal did not get done through eBay, why would I give them the info so they can go after the poor seller for more fees??? So I changed it to auction/other, and they still wanted to know the auction site, the auction number and my auction ID before I could pay!!!! This prying into personal data that is none of their business has got to stop!!!


Sorry for the rant, but eBay and Paypal have really gone downhill. I used to do a lot more though them, in fact I was once a "PowerSeller" whatever good that got me. Ever since they bought Paypal and got rid of Billpoint, I have cut down my eBay activity dramatically. sign-rantpost.gif

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A long time ago when C2IT started I applied. Twice. Both times the process failed for unknown reasons. So I never bothered with it again. Nobody ever offered to pay me using that service. I did get a Western Union payment once...

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