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My latest purchase at my local coin show

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Well as you know, I'm interested in gold coin which is what I accumlate. I can't afford to "collect" them yet, in a sense of a series of gold coins.


Yesterday I went to my local coin show with $20 dollars to spend. I didn't find anything worth purchasing, and then I finally found something gold within in my price range. A gold pamp suisse gold bar, 1 gram.I orginally only intended to pay $20 for it but it was worth $22 melt (he wanted $25), I ended up paying $24 for it.


Here's some pictures of it...but there's one thing I noticed about it. There's what appears to be a flaw or hole in the gold bar design on the hair. I thought it was actually part of the design at first until my dad mentioned it and I found another image of a 5 gram gold bar of the same design that DOESNT have it. What do you think it is? I'm not worried about this, it's just unusual. If I had to guess though it's probably a flaw. I don't see how it cou ld be dirt since the package is sealed.


First, my gold bar:



See the spot?


Here's the other side of it:



Here's another gold bar for comparison:



Hope you like it! Thanks for the opinions/comments.

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That's pretty neat there stinky!


Thanks I'm glad you like it!. Now if I could figure out why this one is different from the others..



They discovered that it was 1/1000th of a gram too heavy and they didn't want to waste the gold on someone with a name like stinkycheese. lol



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They may have different markings for different gram sizes. Yours is one gram while the compared bar is 5 grams.


Maybe thats it. I'll have to check it out.


To the other posters: Yeah, I wish I would've changed my name to something else. I don't like 'stinkycheese', but then again when I signed up under this name I didn't think I would be allowed to post again, and I was. In real life I do like cheese though,especially stinky cheese like feta lol


thanks for the comments everyone i appreciate the support this forum has!! (worship)


EDITED: I looked at some 1 gram specimen gold bars and they do not have this defect hole/flaw in the center like mine does.

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It might be a carbon spot. That is what I thought of when I first saw it. Or maybe the girl just wanted to wear some earrings, you know, so she would look special for stinky.


Haha, yeah it might be a carbon spot. I wish I would've found a better specimen. Man, I got a good deal! I paid $24 and these things are going for at least $26 on ebay!


Aren't carbon spots red though?

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In some of the larger bars of bullion flaws sometimes indicate that the precious metal has been taken out of the middle and replaced with a non-precious metal.


It is unlikely somebody would have gone through the trouble for such a small amount of yellow.


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