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  1. These posts read like some sort of interactive AI robot (Beta).
  2. Will NGC attribute Ryder numbers on Massachusetts Colonial copper? I read an old press release that states variety attribution is included for all colonial coins yet I don't see Ryder numbers on the majority of graded pieces. Thank you!
  3. What is the grade? Not possible to look up the cert without the grade (without selecting several and possibly being locked out of the tool).
  4. I've reported their most recent post. Perhaps if enough people make a report the practice will come to an end.
  5. I believe this post goes against the "spirit" of this forum if you will. Posting items YOU have for sale is the idea. eBay links to your items would go along with this idea, but spamming with affiliate marketing links for items being sold by other dealers seems right off. JMHO.
  6. If a coin is contaminated NGC will not encapsulate it because it can deteriorate inside the slab and they won't guarantee something that isn't stable.