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  1. Hello, For the Canada Ruler Type sets NGC has Victoria, the two Georges, and Elizabeth. Why don't we have the Edward Ruler set? Can we get that added? Thank you.
  2. Hello Ali E. I do not have any certification numbers to list as I have not bothered to send the coins in for certification. However, if you go to the registry page for Belize, you will see that you already have a $10 Copper Nickel 1974-1991 as well as a silver version from 1974-1999. All that needs to be done is recreate the same categories and years for the $5, $1, 50C, 25C, 10 C, 05C and the 1C coins as well. Thank you.
  3. Hello, First things first, in the Belize category you have both Belize(1974-now) and British Honduras (1973 and earlier) as two different sub categories. However, the image shown for the Belize coins is the same British Honduras coin shown for the older sub category. Will you please add the image of any coin from Belize 1974- present to the appropriate spot? Thank you. Next, your categories are biased towards gold. From 1974 onward Belize, much like the United States also minted a 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent and a 50 cent coin! Yet there are no options to display any of these coins! Furthermore, there is a one, five, and ten dollar coin as well. In 1974 Belize apparently had two sets of coins, one with birds and another with the queen. Again, there are no available options to display this set of coins either. Will you please add these, either as a full set or as individual denomination? Thank you!
  4. I believe NGC is in the business of grading coins. As such one would expect that a few coins come through the NGC offices each year to be graded. One service offered is the Variety Plus. NGC has graded most if not all of these listed varieties as well. Yet when you look at NGC's tab for the Variety Plus you may read the title of the variety, however there are NO photos and now written descriptions. (At least when looking at Canadian coins.) Would it not be in the best interests of NGC to take high quality photos of the coins they grade. Then when you have a variety to post a photo of the variety along with a written description of what you are looking at in the variety. Then, when a collector is deciding if they are going to send a coin to NGC to be graded, they could look at the variety in order to help decide IF the coin is worth grading!
  5. Come on guys, a collector found a coin they like. Why rain on their parade?
  6. Agreed. If you are going for the top spot in a set then you had best be prepared to spend more on that set than anyone else. Coin collecting should be about personal goals, and showing off your coins is in my opinion more about socializing than that top spot. What difference does it make if you know nothing about the coins you have but were simply able to find and purchase the top rated coin. Find out what you like about the coin and have fun.
  7. When are PCGS Coins going to be allowed on international sets?
  8. I notice that some people are getting an upgrade to a coin if it is a CAC, how do you register the CAC here?
  9. Yes, but then it is taking up the 1875 slot when the coin is a different coin in the set. It is harder to find the FS-302 mint error than it is without the error. Also, there should be a slot added for the FS-301.