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  1. please let me know if machine doubling or DD . Thanks.
  2. I have some round tube made in China (I didn't look) so are those safe also???
  3. I stored my pennies in square tube. Is it safe?
  4. .Thanks. I agree with you. My question is it's just a normal penny or something else
  5. Thanks for your advice. I'm wondering the acetone would damage the coin. I have hundreds of these. Some has no dings , scratch.. should I send it to grade???
  6. Wow. Interested. So what should I do with them
  7. No I didn't remove from the proof set. Those are from the Mint bag. I got few hundreds out of 5000 pennies Mint bag. I would grade them at least MS 67 or higher but too good to true so I really need a professional look. I'm going to the coin show next Sunday and hopefully they can help me out 😬😁
  8. I also have a lot of cent uncirculated but those aren't that shinny. They don't have mirror reflect like the other