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  1. Hey guys Thanks for the inputs! Ya its probably damaged, there is actually some doubling and that cracked so l thought it was DDO, but that's fine.. thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, Had this DDO coin with a die crack at 1:00 o' clock down to 3:00 and it looks like there's also a broad struck at 9:00 o' clock, but my concern if is this damage? Just wondering if this coin still worth anything? Thanks for any inputs!
  3. Hi mike thanks for your input. Ur ryt that's different coin, by the way lm not sure if you notiice the face especially the eye and is that DDO? It looks DDO to me. thanks!
  4. Hi james thanks im not sure if all of this series cause l also have some, is that gonna be worth it to put on slab?
  5. Hi Guys, Just need more information about this coin, l saw some doubling on the reverse, and from the motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM" was missing "USU" so just wonder why or is this a Mint error? Thanks !
  6. Hi Guys, Just want to verify if this coin was a mint error or Just PMD, not very sure but lm insisting was damage but just want to make sure, there was a dents on the rim and the reverse there is a deep punch might be from sharp metal object on letter "T" And how much this coin might worth? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, Just need your help for this coin looks like there's something in it? It seems like doubling that can see on the nose or is this die deterioration or might wrong my terms, and the "OF" from the reverse is "OE" at first l thought it was 1974 but its 1998, can anyone help me would be really much appreciated! Thanks So much! Jay
  8. Just need your help for this coin if its doubled ear and the extra metal or straight die chips in the head to forehead? Or any thoughts that might can help of what's going on to this coin? Is this error coin and might get extra premium on it or worth morethan FV? thanks!
  9. Hi Guys, just want to ask if this coin will get a morethan its face value? thanks!
  10. Hi Guys just wondering if this nickel is damage or its from the mint? Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys, Just wondering if this coin was actually a PMD or its a mint error? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys thanks for everything especially the efforts and generosity it really helps me a lot And motivates me to my learning process.. Thanks woods for the reference, l actually came across to all varieties but i still need to get more ideas on how to make sure lm doing it right so l posted those coins.. thanks all really appreciate!
  13. Hi james thanks for your help here's the best shot l can do hope this help, and and yah l think the D mm was not sure for the right term is it inverse or tilted to east to north, sorry can't able to say in numismatic term you guys might have a better explanation regarding this coin.. thanks for the help!..
  14. Thanks Guys just curious on the shadow in the obverse if how is that happened so I think JP is right this coin might stacked other change on top of it for a while.. Many thanks also Oldhoopster really appreciate you all guys!..
  15. Hi guys, Just want to know if this really a 1946 S/D penny? I know its worn but do l still get morethan FV to this coin? can anyone help me or able to share bout this coin if ever this coin fall the mintmark to S/D, my apology if not but really appreciate for any thoughts! Thank You!