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  1. Good afternoon Maribeth! Thank you for your quick answer. I am just trying to consolidate everything and not ending with a set every year, which will make the list huge of my competitive sets. Also, there are series that each coin comes every year like the tree of luck series that otherwise would be fragmented instead of a set for the series. Hope you guys reconsider at some point in the future. Thank you as always for your support!
  2. Hi team, I am looking for NIUE Two Dollar Sets 2017-Date Proof and Prooflikes for the following coins: 2848029-002 2848029-003 2848029-004 2848016-001 Also, NIUE One Dollar Sets 2017-Date Proof and Prooflikes 2848007-014 2848015-008 Thank you as always for all the hard work you do!
  3. Hello Team, The coins above still are giving the same error when I try to add them to my registry set. Please assist when your agenda allows!
  4. Hi Team, The coins below have a bug in the database: 2017MW NIUE S$1 Tree of Luck NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 2848007-014 2018MW NIUE S$1 Tree of Luck NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 2848007-015 When I try to add them to the registry set, they show eligible to the below set. United States, Peace Dollars, 1921-1935, Circulation Issue Peace Dollars, 1921-1935, Circulation Issue When they should appear as NIUE Tree of Luck Series. Thank you for all the hard work you always do!
  5. Good afternoon, Requesting to add the following slot: 2019 Gilt CANADA S$25 Loon Piefort NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 2848004-002 It is part of the same series as: 2018 Gilt CANADA S$25 Caribou Piefort NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO2848004-004445 Thank you in advance for your support!
  6. Hi Ali, Do you know if NGC is planning at some point to add PCGS international coins in the registry set? I have tried to cross the majority over to NGC but a couple did not cross. Thank you!
  7. Hi Ali! Could we get a set for ANA related coins with ANA privy marks. Also the medallions! Would be really refreshing to see an ANA set with all it related coins! Example: Silver American Numismatic Assoc Membership Medallion NGC BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED 2070402-087
  8. Hi Ali, Would like to request the Canada 2018 Token R&D Security set. Below are the certification numbers: Token Piechart 2848611-006 Token Caribou 2848611-005 Token Leaf Ni Plated Steel 2848611-004 Token Leaf Brass Plated Steel 2848611-003 Token Moose 2848611-002 Token Tri-Metal Maple Leaf 2848611-001 Thank you!
  9. Hi Ali! When NCG will start assigning value/ price to Canadian coins? It would better position the company ahead of its competence. Plus Canadian coins are high quality and very gorgeous! Take care and thank you for reading these lines!
  10. Hi Alli! I should be good to go to compete this year with my registry sets right?
  11. Hi Ali, Could you add the following set? Gold 4-Coin Fractional Set They are not bullion and come as a 4 coin set and each year is different finish, design, etc. Also, they have very limited mintage below 1000 sets. 2826991-006 2826991-005 2826991-004 2826991-003
  12. Thank you so much! As requested I am including the list of coins with their certification numbers! 2019 CANADA G$250 ETERNAL BLESSING PYSANKA 2845969-001 2018 CANADA G$250 A CROWN JEWEL 4730976-001 2017 CANADA G$250 CELEBRATING CANADIAN BRILLIANCE 2826993-001 2019 CANADA G$200 HMS NEW BRUNSWICK 2845969-007 2019 CANADA G$200 FOREVERMARK BLACK LABEL DIAMOND 2845969-006 2020 Canada Fractional Set 2020 CANADA G$50 MAPLE LEAF .99999 FINE - HOLOGRAM 2845969-002 2020 CANADA G$1 MAPLE LEAF .99999 FINE - HOLOGRAM 2845969-005 2020 CANADA G$5 MAPLE LEAF .99999 FINE - HOLOGRAM 2845969-004 2020 CANADA G$10 MAPLE LEAF .99999 FINE - HOLOGRAM 2845969-003 2018 Canada Fractional Set 2018 CANADA G$50 MAPLE LEAF 2826991-003 2018 CANADA G$50 MAPLE LEAF 2826991-003 2018 CANADA G$10 MAPLE LEAF 2826991-004 2018 CANADA G$5 MAPLE LEAF 2826991-005
  13. Please add the Canada Gold 250 tiara coins. Also missing the Gold Pysanka, and the fractional maple leaf sets. example below