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  1. Hello Ali, Please create new set for my new coins 2852365-585 2852522-437 2108565-140 Thanks again, Anatoly
  2. Hello. You need to add your coin to a set in order to receive a registry score. Thank you. Sorry!!! Zero points!!!
  3. Hello Ali, Please add new set for 2108542-116 Please add new set for2855058-068 Please add new set for2110559-042 Thanks again, Anatoly
  4. Hello, Please create slots for my new coin 2851423-311 2110559-330 2110559-284 Thanks again, Anatoly
  5. Hello, Please create slot for my new coin 2852365-664 6077282-002 2852522-2522852522-2232110559-2052852365-700 2108558-141 2108542-116 2852365-7652110559-012 Thanks again
  6. Hello, Please create set for my new coin 2855058-078 Moldova 2018 2L MS Thanks again, Anatoly
  7. Hello Ali, Please create new slot (1997) for my new coin 6041602-022 6077282-003 6246797-008
  8. Hello Ali, Please add slot for my new coin 6262682-006 Competitive Sets Great Britain - Decimal (1971-Date) Five Pounds, Commemorative, Elizabeth II, 1990-Date, Mint State
  9. Hello Ali, Please create new slot (1997) for my new coin 6077282-003 Competitive Sets Canada Five Cents, Elizabeth II, 1968-Date, Uncirculated Set Issue