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Closed society surrounded by barbwire



Anyone else felt the barbs of this closed minded society

Here we are again wondering what is going on with this corporation. One would think, anything that promoted the concept of collecting coins, would be beneficial to NGC. HMMM, seems that may not be the case. Is NGC perfectly content with status quo? Mind you, they have no qualms about collecting the yearly 99.00 renewal fee. In return, they will send you a coin/coins of their choosing and a piece of paper good for 5 early bird submissions (due to their volume, their time frame often doubles). Additional benefits, allow you to enter your coins in their registry. Admittedly, this appeals to the competitive nature in all of us. Lastly, we have this most precious forum to allow the exchange of thoughts and ideas (a principle this country was founded on), by those that have paid for this priviledge. However, should you step outside of box you get sliced and diced and censured.

I am unclear how this philosophy promotes their services. Perhaps this is the point. Perhaps their business model does not allow for expansion. Certainly, this mindset would be contrary to most businesses. It is inconceivable, that a corporation can not understand the concept, people change their minds. This is especially true with collectors. What seems like a nice addition today, may lose it's appeal over time. At that point, a quandry occurs. What should I do with this encapsulated coin? Heretofore, there was only one answer, put it up for auction.

However, a current member of this society came up and implemented a novel idea, at his own expense. This requires an untold number of hours. Clearly, it is a labor of love. The site is free. The philosophy is to make and keep collecting fun. In an effort to assist a fellow collector, this innovator has incurred a 1 week suspension of privileges!??????????

As opposed to selling this encapsulated coin for a fee, why not exchange it, for something that better realizes the collectors current wants and desires. Perhaps, this would have a minor impact to the advertisers on this site, or would it? I say, that thought process is askew. There will always be a finite number of any given coin. As a collector's preferences change, this will expand the demands on another group of coins. If these advertisers have an adequate supply of TOP POP items, the demand will always be there. If they are afraid, their supplies will be compromised by such a site, perhaps they can start their own and/or join this one. It won't cost them a dime.

Supply and demand are the driving force of any market. If you can find a way to expand your markets, your survival in business is assured. I vaguely recall discussing this as a preface to marketing 101.

Perhaps, NGC could rethink their position on this matter. Seems to me it would be self serving, in the long run. Respectfully, William Thompson




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