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Body Bag 2



End of an Era

I had the pleasure of talking with The President of NGC Rick Montgomery on April 21. We discussed several issues. Although there was no resolution to these issues, it was nice of him to take time to chat with me.

I would like to share my thoughts on this conversation. Mr Montgomery is well spoken and affable. It is clear to me that he is committed to NGC. For those of you that will continue to use their services, you should know they receive and grade 100,000 coins a month. A daunting task to say the least. I have no doubt he believed everything he said. My opinion and thoughts were of a lesser concern. He is committed to maintaining a reputation beyond reproach. That is great for NGC,

I also had the good fortune of talking to Scott the COO of NGC. It is clear he has a good working knowledge of procedures at NGC. That is great for NGC, also. However, you would think he would have a working knowledge of commonly used numismatic vocabulary. Rick, if you see this perhaps you could define verdigris for Scott. By the way Scott, I have not received my refund. Seems I ordered overnight shipping/insured/restricted delivery. My package was shipped first class/Registered mail. I know "the check is is the mail". How cliche of me. I guess that was not shippped overnight either. I am sure it was just an oversight and had nothing to do with the grading of coins and will never happen again.

I am a collector and owner of over 200 NGC slabbed coins. Directly or indirectly that is over a 5000.00 investment in NGC grading fees alone. It is easy to see how my concerns would be minimized and trivialized.

Accordingly, I have renamed my sets from Bill's Fun and Games to "All NGC slabs 4 sale". I mean that quite literally. Recent events have taken the Fun out of being a collector. I would prefer to keep these sets intact and sell to a minimum of buyers. That would allow me to keep check on the new owners progress until my membership lapses. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the 5 free Early bird grading certificate. Any thoughts? Respectfully, William Thompson



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