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Stated Turnaround Times

Admiral Mike-migration


A suggestion... but you'll never be able to send in coins to NGC again

I dont want to try and stick it to any of the grading companies (except maybe PCGS), I just want what we all want, and that is simply the service we have paid for. Now, if you follow the following suggestion, there is a better than average chance that the grading company will not let you submit any more coins, however, the up side is, like most any other enterprise, the grading companies really LIKE getting money, so maybe they'll let it slide... anyway here is the suggestion.

Pay for your grading services with a major credit card. Make certain you have a copy of the current turnaround times as posted on the grading company's website. If by chance the coins are not graded within the posted turnaround times, file a complaint with the credit card company and ask for a reversal of charges based on that grading company not performing the stated service within their own guidelines.

Again, I dont want to stiff these companies but perhaps this will force them to hire more experienced graders and perform the service we pay for within their own stated guidelines.

Third party grading companies are part of a very small minority of companies where you are completely at their whim. They will do what they want when they get darn good and ready. If enough people file complaints with the credit card companies, and these grading companies have to refund significant amounts of money... believe me, something WILL change. You may not like the changes... but changes will happen.

Prices will go up again

You will not be allowed to submit coins to that service

The service will stop accepting credit cards

Any numer of things could happen, but the service WILL take notice and somewhere down the line, they will want to preserve their customer base and make changes for the good.

Do it by the book, dont try to screw the grading company over, just get what they promise to deliver.

As a side note to the grading companies... how can we expect that you will honor your grade guarentee if you cannot even honor your delivery promise (ie turnaround time). You may state that turnaround times are "approximations", but isnt that kind of like stating that this coin is "MS67, though it could be as high as 69 and maybe as low as 66". You will need alot bigger slabs to have all that written on it. Dont make promises that you cannot reasonably deliver on. If you cannot deliver, make recompense. Make good on your word.


Michael Cooper



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