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Let's Broaden the Base...

Admiral Mike-migration


... and add Anacs and ICG.

I expect that this will certainly open up a very large can of worms but what the heck, this forum is supposed to get you thinking about coins.

I think most of us will agree that the number 3 and number 4 third party graders are ICG and Anacs (though maybe not in that order) but the truth is, they are all (the top 4) very good. The "Registry" was designed to bring out the very best coins. Not too long ago when we were all talking about PCGS' exclusivity in their registry, several collectors pointed out that we have a larger base, hence we must truly have a better registry. I believe this is true and would like to expand even more so.

Coins from Anacs and ICG could be "weighted" or have points "discounted" depending on the relative strength of the grading service. How could this be determined? I am certain records are kept concerning the crossover coins. Data could be compiled on the old grade v/the new NGC/PCGS grade and an overall performance score would be established. From there it would be easy to discount points for Anacs and ICG.

I do not propose going all out and let any slab into the registry... currently there are only 4 companies willing to stand by their product, with coin authenticity and grade guarantee, NGC, PCGS, ICG and Anacs.

We could truly have the best registry sets in the world right here on the NGC website. If we open up our registry to the VERY best of the best, the only thing listed on the "other" registry will be (P)ieces of ©rap in (G)rundgy (S)labs.

This little beauty needs a registry set to call home.. Help Lady Liberty. ICG Certified MS70 Cert # 3810170218


Michael W. Cooper

03 5$G MS7



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