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We need a new coin...

Admiral Mike-migration


So lets see what you think...

In our coinage history we have had the ? cent, which we got rid of, the 2 cent, the 3 cent and even a 20 cent piece and each has met its doom due to poor usage and circulation. The ? dime doesnt really count as the composition was changed and so they called it a nickel.

But I ramble, to the point... our new coin should be...

get ready for this....

it's the.....

9 Mill coin, we could call it a "Nill" or "Nilly" worth exactly 9/10 of 1 cent.

I know this would be a hit with all the people trying to get rid of the cent, and you are probably wondering what the heck we would do with this practically USELESS coin.

Well.... when was the last time you bought a gallon of gas. Gas is ALWAYS priced in dollars, cents and mills... gas here in Salt Lake City is 2.039. Two dollars, three and 9/10 cents. We should have a 9/10 cent coin to exactly pay for exactly one gallon. How much money goes to the oil companies every day that they did not earn. US oil consumption is approx 40 million BARRELS per day, multiplied by 33 gallons per barrel times .009 cents per gallon equals 11.9 MILLION dollars per DAY in unearned income. I say lets keep that money in our pockets with a 9/10 coin.

Other countries have used a "mill" coin. Hong Kong for one. at the end of this entry you will see a picture of one of their "mill" coins. They have since given it up, but they dont use nearly the amount of oil we do.

What do you think?


Michael Cooper

HongKong 1



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