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RE: My Year End Review For 2009



Result's of The NCS/NGC Submission of Icelandic Proofs 1958 to 1962

First i would like to share my lose of my mother on January 31 of 2010 from cancer. We had a beautiful funeral for her with so many people attending that i didn't have a clue to who some of them were. I felt the need to share this in my journal because it was my mother who first sparked a interest in coins by giving me a old silver standing liberty quarter back in the mid-60's. She was born in Iceland on December 11, 1934 and came here to the U.S. in July of 1960 after marring my Step father.


I submitted five proof coins to NCS to go to NGC for grading and I was very pleased of the results of my submission. They all had a film on them and a few had spots. Well NCS did a beautiful job of conserving them and was a bit surprised of some of the grade's I was given. Below is a list of the grades I received.

1958 5 Aurar PF-63RB

1957 10 Aurar PR-68 Cameo

1957 1 Krona PR-64 Cameo

1963 1 Krona PR-63

1962 2 Kronur PR-64

These coins are very rare and like i said in my previous post only 10 to 15 of each was ever minted and was not meant for the public but only to visiting VIPs. the 0ny disappointing part of this submission was that NGC would not place the name of the Icelandic Bank Director on the slab. I had acquired the coins with the help of a friend and the Icelandic Numismatic museum director from the Thor Family in Iceland even thou I had a letter from the museum director stating these facts.

Well happy collecting to you all and I hope you find the coins of your dreams,

P.S. I just got another Icelandic proof a 1954 25 Auar which looks very good, it may even get a Cameo destination.

Those of you that would like to see these coins look up the certification numbers for 3375335-001 to 006. There is a 1929 10 Auar that was thrown in with the submission. Let me know what you think of them.

Thanks again



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