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The Heart Aches of Coin Collecting



Just Checked NGC POP Report

Now After reading the new report for coins graded by NGC for Iceland. I became depressed over what I seen .....A complete set of 1940 proof coins which I have been searching for in the past six years of collecting Icelandic coins from the Kingdom Era 1926-1942. NGC had at one Time graded all but the 1 Eyrir before I started this collection and hoped that they would show up at some point, that never came. Last year in July a 1940 and a 1946 proof sets came up for auction in Australia from one of the mint's collection that the London mint had given them at the time of there minting as well as other UK mints for there collections. Well besides the five UK mints and the two sets of each sets in the Icelandic museum there are not many more around. I bidded on the two sets from last July.... but sadly didn't win them ,but two months later the same sets showed up at a coin firm in Australia which now wants some really crazy amount of money for them, We are talking about 3,000.00 A.U. Dollars for each coin which is about over 14,000.00 U.S.D. After seeing the 1940's set graded I checked with the coin firm and saw that there set was still for sale, So where did this new set come from. I shore would like to know. and If they are for sale. Another thing is that I have not been working much this past winter and the funds for these coins are non-existing right now. There are only a few coins left for me to find to complete my set and to see two Set's come by in the past year and not being able to acquire them is very depressing for sure. The Heart Aches of Coin Collecting......Can be very Depressing.



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