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My Icelandic pre-1964 Proof coins



Back from NCS/NGC

I checked my USPS tracking number this morning and my 5 proof coins are coming home to me today. After reading a recent journal by davidk about going postal I became a little worried about the post office losing my coins but was very happy and relieved to see that I'm getting them back this morning. These coins are very rare (10 to 15 minted for each) but not expensive. They can range from $70 to $125 dollars for impaired proofs and up to 3 to 4 times that in BU condition. I'm very happy with the results from NCS/NGC, Two of the coins which I payed 2x impaired price for came back with the cameo designation. The results from my submission are.

1957 10 Aurar Proof-68 Cameo....OH WOW..

1957 1 Krona Proof-64 Cameo... WOW

1958 5 Aurar Proof-63 ....Great

1962 2 Kronur Proof-64....Great.. Have one in 66

1963 1 Kronur Proof 63....Great

All I need to complete a proof set is the 1 Eyrir, Then I would have one of each for this time period. I have a 1954 25 Aurar being sent to me right now as we speak

The 1940 and 1946 set is almost impossible to find. Both sets did come up for auction last year in july from a museum collection but I did not have the money to out bid the other bidders.

Thank you for reading my journal and I wish all of you the good fortune I had in the past year in finding your special coins



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