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Ebay has good and bad, just like everything else...BUT

Admiral Mike-migration


It seems to be getting worse, for sellers!!

That should tick off a bunch of people, and I am always good for shaking up the status-quo. My mission in life. :-) I do not have the track record of my good friends Jackson and JimL, in the 3000+, but I am well over 1500, so I am no insufficiently_thoughtful_person either. Jax and Jim will both tell you the same thing, that Ebay restrictions have gotten to the point when I sell something on the Bay.. heck, I might as well send it to the customer with a bonus check. It costs us money to list the item, we have to pay a final value fee based on the selling price, we have to pay for the shipping materials, insurance if warrented, time, effort and gas to and from the post office, and the postage itself.. and we cannot ship the el-cheapo method either. Ebay says that we (the seller) are responsible for delivery, so we almost always have to send with delivery confirmation. Now, God forbid, it takes 3 days to get the item, we will get negative feedback, so we have to spring for the extra cost of Priority Mail, which STARTS at $4.95 for the little box... so please dont say "factor it in" People want everything for nothing, so the next coin I list.. hell I should just send it for free, give them a check to boot and i'll save myself a lot of heart ache.

For non-ebay users... please don't try to talk the talk unless you have walked the walk. My ebay ID is LILCHPIN, look me up and you'll see I have plenty of ebay experience.

As a side note, not too long ago, I got stiffed for 3 bucks in postage. The seller would not pay it. He got his coins, and left me 3 negative feedback because I had the gall to ask for what I had said I would charge in the listing.

I told him I would have to live with his crappy negative feedback for 1 year, but he would be a louse forever. I still have those negative feedback but it sure felt good telling him off.

There are wonderful people on Ebay too (sadly, I am not one of those wonderful people), and if you dont mind my saying.. Trixiesue1000 is a husband/wife team in Mississippi that I have had the pleasure of doing alot of business with. Several of my Ikes on the registry have been purchased from them, including one of my 2 Proof 69 UltraCam STAR coins. I have the number 5 Proof Ike Set, and I owe it to TrixieSue1000.


Michael Cooper




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