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Going to stop using Ebay/PayPal

Admiral Mike-migration


This monopoly has jerked me over for the last time.

I remember when Ebay and PayPal were seperate companies. Both of the companies treated you fairly, because they wanted your continued business. Now, they are a combined company and they have gotten so large now they can screw over anybody they want, and they don't care.

Case and point. On June 6, one of my auctions ended, final selling price, a whopping 6 bucks and change. 3 bucks to ship (because paypal/ebay require proof of shipping), so 9 bucks total. The seller finally gets around to paying with a paypal echeck 12 days later, and that took another 7 days to clear. (almost 3 weeks to get paid). When payment finally clears, I am on vacation. I get back from vacation and this deadbeat has already filed a "item not received" complaint, so Paypal put a hold on my account for the 9 bucks. Get this, this deadbeat takes almost 3 freaking weeks to pay me, then complains when he doesnt have his coin a week later... it gets better....

Feeling bad that I took a week to mail his coin, I sent a Wells Fargo money order as a full refund of the purchase price. Now.. the coin has been sitting at his post office since last tuesday, he finally picks it up yesterday, and he has the gall to leave me negative feedback... oh it gets even better yet...

Remember, I said paypal has a hold on my accout... they are going to give him back the $9.39 he paid via paypal!!

Is this a crock or what. I firmly believe in karma.. and somewhere along the line this guy is going to get his...

Ebay auction listing...250646535573 ended June 6, he pays ebay echeck on 6/18. Payment clears 6/25. I mail 7/03 when I get back from vacation, USPS tracking number is 03093220000018402835. Check that out, you will see it sat in the post office from tuesday (7/6) until yesteraday, waiting for this deadbeat to claim. He gets it yesterday, with my refund, (Wells Fargo money order # 0585423907) and leaves me negative feedback. I hope he burns in hell.

Not very Christian of me to say that, but then I never professed to being a good Christian.

I have complained to Ebay and PayPal. Ebay says it will let the negative feedback stand, and Paypal says they will give him the 9 bucks out of my paypal account, because it was originally paid that way. Deadbeat wont say anything, so I get screwed twice.

Gives you the warm fuzzies doesn't it?

This is the coin I ended up paying him 9 bucks to take off my hands.

Michael Cooper




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