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The Season of Thanks...

Admiral Mike-migration


often, more than we realize.

This time of year, we all take stock of what we have and will, in some very small way, say "thanks". The question is, do our actions live up to our words? Do we really mean what we say, when we say "Thank You"?

I try to thank God first and always, but I must admit I am not always on top of that. It has been a rough year. I changed jobs, and while I took a pay cut, I love the job. I felt God telling me at the time, "Don't worry about the money". Economic interests have hit us hard too, which has reduced our income by about a third. Kind of hard to thank anybody let alone God if all you do is concentrate on the numbers. Then there was the monster hit... the death of my 7 year old son.

No matter how hard I tried.. and let me tell you, I really tried, I could not be mad at God. This was a huge surprise to me. I found myself, instead, thanking our Heavenly Father for the time we had with Zaine.

I have made it a point to thank those who have been significant in the process of making our country a great place to live. I am talking about our military. Whenever I can, I shake the hand of a serviceman or veteran and I thank them for their service and sacrifice to our country. To those men and women on active duty, in the reserves and the retirees, and to their spouses, I owe and give a heart felt "Thank You" and a smile of gratitude.

I thank my wife and my children for putting up with all my quirks. My stories about work and my coins and often rantings about the news and just being "wierd".

I thank my NGC family for allowing me to rant when I cannot do it at home... like now!! The powers that be at NGC (hey... that rhymes) were wise when they introduced this forum. We all have one thing in common... we like to collect, mostly coins, and we like to share. Thank you to all my NGC friends for being the awesome people that you are. For being awesome collectors willing to share your stories and for being there to lend an emotional hand or an inspirational thought.

There is an endless list of people to thank. Roadworkers, truck drivers, mailman, garbageman, policeman, firefighters, teachers and the list goes on.

The last to receive thanks... is my God. He was the first (the Alpha) and the last (the Omega). We need to especially thank him for the ultimate gift, that of His Son, who is our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Respectfully and with Thanks,

Michael Cooper

p.s. "In God We Trust"... all others pay CASH!!

p.p.s. This coin is from Brazil. 1851 2000 Reis. AU+




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