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whats happened to the chat boards

Admiral Mike-migration


cant logon

Did NGC change the chat boards to paid members only?? When trying to access the chat boards now, there is no option to logon anywhere on the screen. the threads all come up, and if you try to reply, you get an error message saying you have to be logged on.... BUT there is no option ANYWHERE to logon. so... I tried sending a message to NGC and you get the standard hurry up and wait ap-cray... finally, you get an auto generated message saying you need to send them all the info and ways you screwed up to cause the problem... you get that info together, send it as a reply... guess what... it comes from a "no-reply" address generated by NGC... so they still dont get he info, and you still cannot log onto the chatboards.

sure makes you wonder what the heck is happening to customer service...

the reason i was trying to get on the chat board... well... back in week 338, i was runner up winner in numisma-quest, and was supposed to have won a coin display box. i got a request for my address, which i answered to, but 8 weeks later, no display box... trying to find out what happened, but i cannot get into the chat board, i cannot send a message to the forum moderator, because i have to be logged on...

guess i get what a paid for... NOTHING!!

just felt like venting, but customer service here is really going down...

Michael Cooper



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