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My NGC Family is ***AWESOME***

Admiral Mike-migration


Many Thanks for your kindness

We all have moe than one family. We have our family at home, extended family members, our "work" family, our "social" family and NGC is no different. As collectors we share a common bond, the love and joy of our hobby. On this site it is natural to become friends, even close friends, with people we have never met.

As "family" though, we share both the good times and the not-so-good. We let our family know when we get that elusive coin to complete a set. A speial coin that commemereates a special event in our life, or even being burned by an unscrupulus ( I know I spelled that word wrong..but I love the word...) dealer. SO... when grief struck my family two weeks ago, I wanted to bring some of my NGC family together.

You did not let me down. Your kind thoughts, well wishes, words of inspiration and especially your prayers did wonders to lift our spirit.

We know there were many people in this part of my family, NGC, keeping us in their thoughts and prayers and on behalf of my family, we wanted to say "Thank You".

Michael and Jordan Cooper, along with our children, Nathan, Sarah, Levi, James, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Hannah, Gabriel and now Elijah-Zaine who watches out for us from above.

This coin reminds me now of Zaine. He was born in 2001, and this is the most beautiful of coins, dated 2001.




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