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Dear Heritage,Thanks for the education



Things I've learned and you should know.

1. Heritage Auctions is a corporation that operates solely, to make money for themselves from things, consigned to them.

2. If you are considering sending anything to Heritage, refer to rule number one.

3. In the last 12 months, Heritage has made over 140 million dollars from other peoples things.

4. Calling an employee at Heritage and expecting to talk to anyone, besides the operators, is rarely a reality. To date I have called Heritage at least 15 times. I reached the intended party 4 times. Well sort of. I asked to speak to someone from customer service and I chatted with someone identifying himself as a coin grader. I called back and left a message with Leo Frese. I refer you to rule 5.

5. The voicemail at Heritage is constantly not working. Otherwise, surely someone would return my call, right?

6. The email system at Heritage is constantly not working. Otherwise, surely someone would respond to my emails and concerns, right?

7. Heritage made more money than I did on 41 slabs, I recently submitted for consignment. At their discretion, they chose not to make lots of my lower valued items, Whether they were too busy, possibly lazy, or I know it wasn't greed? Thirteen slabs sold for 9.00 or less on a Tuesday Internet sale. Twently eight sold for 9.00 or less on a Sunday Internet sale.

8. The quality of pictures provided by Heritage are not great. Lot 61157 had a hair on the slab. It was short and curly. HMMM. Lot 61057 was very dark, to the point of obscuring the detail of the coin. This was a 1918 D Lincoln cent with a PCGS value of 250.00. The gavel price was 120.00. When was the last time you bought a pre 1930 Lincoln PCGS slab for less than half price? I'll be glad to buy it back for 200.00. Initially there was no picture.I called and sent an email. I refer you to rule 5 and 6. I have discussed the pictures provided, by Heritage on the 4 lots entered into their signature sale. Nothing has changed.

9. To date, Heritage has made over 3500.00 on my consignment. This does not include the interest from a cash advance on my consignment.

10. Heritage placed a presale estimate of 7500 on my consignment. Thanks to many of you, the current gavel price is over 17000.

11. I submitted 14 coins not in the top 4 TPG slabs. These coins arrived in July(I shipped them July 9).Any coin received, not already in a Top 4 TPG slab will be shipped for grading per thier contract. I sent an email asking the results. I refer you to rule 5. I called in September and miraculously talked to MR. Christopher Lane (Senior Numismatist). After a brief discussion, he asked if he could call me back. He returned my call shortly thereafter, with the following revelation. The coins were still sitting in the vault, in their original holders. He apologized "profusely". He assured me the coins would be submitted Monday. We discussed ICG and I told him, "the only way I wanted any of these coins in an ICG slab, is if, they would not grade at PCGS". On Tuesday, I received an email stating 14 coins had been submitted to ICG, it was sent at 700PM. I sent them an email and was reminded, the contract said, they could use any company, they chose, at their discretion. I sent them an email and called, to voice my displeasure. I refer you to rule 5 and 6.

This information was provided as an educational tool only. Each reader should use it only for that purpose.

I would like to thank Heritage for teaching this old dog some new tricks. Have a nice weekend Leo and Chris. Bonne Chance, monsieurs. Respectfully, Wigglebutts.



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