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Dear Heritage, Give the little guy a break



Will they or won't they

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it has become necessary to diminish my holdings of the Lincoln cent. This persuit started like many of us, at an early age, with a thumb buster album. That initial set disappeared during a move and my persuit waned.

After college, I decided to renew my love of Lincolns and visited a few shops, in the city, I began work. I took on the responsibility of a ready made family and wife and before I knew it the budget seemed to get tighter and tighter. Alas, my persuit of a full set of Lincolns, was moved to the bottom of my list of priorities.

I rekindled this persuit several years ago and was getting closer and closer to completing my quest.

Things have taken a turn for the worse and now it is time to depart with many of these cherished items.

I contacted Heritage to do the honors and I can only say, a rude awakening is in progress.

If nothing else, I have learned the following: If there is a clause in your contract regarding the possibility of combining items to make up a lot. You should disregard it(they do). They have a clause that follows this, "at their discretion"

I shipped them over 200 slabs and not a one was listed in a lot. Therefore, of the 50 or so coins not worth 50.00 or more, Heritage will be making 9.00 BP each. I on the other hand, will receive 2 - 30 dollars. Most will fall into the 2 -15 dollar category.

Lots of bargains remain on Tuesdays internet sale. Hopefully, next sundays internet sales will surpass Tuesdays totals.

Moral to the story, don't depend on this corporation to do you any favors. Thanks for the memories. Sincerely, Wigglebutts

PS Maybe it is time for Heritage to pay the window washer again. To be honest, I think it is time to upgrade their polaroid.



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